Myth: Gods of Asgard Trial of Valkyrie Quiz Answers List

Myth: Gods of Asgard Trial of Valkyrie Quiz Answers List

This Myth: Gods of Asgard Trial of Valkyrie quiz answers list will help you show your knowledge to the brave and imposing Valkyrie in this exciting new action RPG with shades of the acclaimed Hades. Dive into a deep and engaging Norse mythology world and fight your way through many stages of amazing challenges with various heroes under your control.

Myth: Gods of Asgard Trial of Valkyrie Quiz Answers List

Like other deities that are trying to help you, the Valkyrie is confidently standing at the hub, ready to give you additional missions and challenges. One of those will be a knowledge trial, as you have to answer correctly three of her questions.

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Find the Myth Valkyrie trivia answers below, grab those rewards, and go meet the other NPCs who want to test your Nordic mythology skills.

Q: Valkyries are typically either the daughters of earthly kings, Odin's own daughters, or warriors chosen to serve Odin. They grant a wonderful kiss to those who fall on the battlefield, leading them to the Hall of Valor. The purpose of this is to swell troop numbers and strength before which Campaign?
A: Ragnarok

Q: One of the most legendary Valkyries. She once defied Odin's will and slept at Hindarfjall, surrounded by a ring of fire. What is her name?
A: Brynhild

Q: Valkyrie – the greatest of Odin's warriors. Clad in shining armor, they gallop through the heavens on their mounts, piercing any blasphemer with their spear. Does Valkyrie mean one Goddess or multiple Goddesses?
A: Many

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