Noah’s Heart Album Scenery Locations Guide | All Photograph Spots

Noah's Heart Album Scenery Locations Guide | All Photograph Spots

Noah's Heart is set on the titular planet Noah, a spherical open world with many areas to discover and explore. One of the tasks is finding dozens of scenery spots that work as wonderful photography locations, each and every one being tracked inside your in-game album. You have incentives to find out these places, namely diamonds, so it's a great hobby for every Explorer out there. In this Noah's Heart Album Scenery Locations guide, we'll point you in the direction of all photograph spots in the game, even those difficult spots that will have you wondering where you should be heading.

But first, a few notes worth mentioning. Scenery is divided into three tiers, possibly based on difficulty, but it could also be random. You have Green (60 points), Blue (80 points), and Purple (90 points). These points contribute to your Adventurer ranking and you also earn diamonds by collecting scenery.

Some scenery isn't immediately accessible, namely the scenic spots found within Realms. You must first activate the Realms by fulfilling the requirements (such as reaching a specific level and beating a previous Realm), and only then you get to explore the Realm for photo spots, Matrixium challenges, and sometimes ecology – lifting some rocks may help you discover a rare species of insect, for example.

Another tip is that you keep an eye out for the little flying Domichi that you find in many places on planet Noah. These will lead you to nearby photo locations or Matrixium challenges, so it's always worth following them.

This covers everything you need to know about finding album scenery spots in Noah's Heart. Watch our videos below for all the locations at the time of global launch in 2022. Make sure not to miss our full Noah’s Heart Encounter Guides List if you need help unlocking and finishing those hidden anecdotes.

Noah's Heart Album Scenery Locations Guide | All Purple Photograph Spots

The purple scenery locations are the ones that give you the most points. You should get all of the photos, but these are crucial. Here are the timestamps from the video above.

0:00 – Intro and Hints
0:41 – Claw of the Abyss (Realm of Steel)
1:09 – Dragon Bones (Realm of Steel)
1:38 – Light in the Valley (Realm of Greenness)
2:03 – Statue of Eagle God (Realm of Desolation)
2:28 – The Twin Statues (Realm of Greenness)
2:55 – Delfinam Plain
3:26 – Sinking Sail (Realm of Lakeside)
3:55 – Gold and Stone Playing (Glittering Realm)
4:24 – Domino (Tasam Basin)
4:58 – Star Valley Temple
5:16 – Aquilaria Town Outskirt (Verdispom Land)
5:48 – Power of Three Elements (Realm of Nightmare)
6:19 – Greepersia City Ruins (Al Frieza Desert)
7:00 – Desert Totem (Realm of Desolation)
7:26 – Cave Ruins (Realm of Eternity)
7:56 – Temple Guardian (Glittering Realm)
8:29 – Valley Waterfall (Darkmist Alliance Base)
9:05 – Oath of Gold and Stone (Glittering Insect Lair)
9:24 – Dark Night Town Street (Dark Night Town)

Noah's Heart Album Scenery Locations Guide | All Blue Photograph Spots

Here are the timestamps and locations for the video above, just to serve as reference for the areas you need to go to. For the timestamps to work, go to the video description and click on each one.

0:00 – Intro and Hints
0:32 – Entrance of the Base (Realm of Dragon Bone)
0:54 – Mountain Maple Forest (Cannan Mountains)
2:11 – Platform at the Star Valley Temple (Realm of Star Valley)
2:33 – Excavation Device (Golden Realm)
3:04 – Lampshade (Realm of Scientific Research)
3:31 – Snow Peak (Realm of White Snow)
4:01 – Military Base (Realm of Dragon Bone)
4:23 – Icewind Valley (Realm of Silver Pine)
4:46 – God's Gaze (Golden Realm)
5:10 – Entrance of the Ruins (Realm of Snowfall)
5:38 – Darkmist (Realm of Steel)
6:05 – Outside the Ice Cave a.k.a Ice Cave Exterior (Realm of Frost Whisper) 6:36 – Ruins Under the Moon (Realm of Snowfall)
6:57 – Entrance of the Platform (Realm of Star Valley)
7:21 – Yellow Sand Fighting Technique (Realm of Behemoth)
7:51 – Prayer (Realm of Quicksand)
8:20 – Temple Ruins (Al Frieza Desert)
8:49 – Desolate City (Al Frieza Desert)
9:19 – Shrine of Forest (Realm of Emerald)
9:48 – Wheel of Industry (Realm of Eternity)
10:18 – West Pole Ruins (Realm of Frozen Wind)
10:43 – Ice Peak Ruins (Realm of White Snow)
11:10 – Shade of Golden Wind (Al Frieza Desert)
12:06 – Energy Storage Tanks (Realm of Scientific Research)
12:31 – Mechanical Airship a.k.a. Machanical Airship (Realm of Dusty Cloud) 12:59 – Hot Air Balloon (Realm of Emerald)
13:41 – The Iron Chains (Cannan Mountains)
14:15 – Misty Distant Mountain (Realm of Lakeside)
14:46 – Ice and Snow Stone Pillar (Realm of Frozen Wind)
15:14 – Cerulean Cannan Mountains (Cannan Mountains)
16:08 – Twin Peaks Mountain Range (Realm of Everspring)
16:48 – Dense Forest Trail (Realm of Everspring)
17:16 – Stranded Shipwreck (Realm of Lakeside)
17:40 – Statue of God Tunnel (Realm of Quicksand)
18:07 – Snowy Mountain Maple Color (Cannan Mountains)
18:50 – Landscape of the Mountain (Cannan Mountains)
19:18 – Gold Wheat Wave (Cannan Mountains)
20:19 – Lake of Stars

Noah's Heart Album Scenery Locations Guide | All Green Photograph Spots

Finally, the green scenery locations, which make for quite a large batch, similar in size to the blue photograph spots. Guide yourself by the timestamps below to find the album scenic locations that you are missing.

0:00 – Intro and Hints
0:41 – Midnight Castle (Realm of Stone Castle)
1:06 – Lighthouse (Tasam Basin)
1:34 – Gulf Stream City Station
2:04 – Darkmist HQ
2:42 – Town's Clock Tower (Fairy Spring Town)
3:15 – Brocken Town
3:44 – Ice Cliff (Verdispom Land)
4:32 – Snowland Tribe (Verdispom Land)
5:33 – Fairy Spring Tower (Hidden Spring Lake)
6:16 – Base Gate (Realm of Black Iron)
6:47 – City Entrance (Realm of Black Iron)
7:08 – Shrine Entrance (Realm of Thunder)
7:32 – Castle Main Entrance (Realm of Forest)
7:55 – Shrine of Snow
8:20 – Battle Boat (Realm of Suburb)
8:43 – Ice Valley (Verdispom Land)
9:16 – Dune Sea Oasis (Al Frieza Desert)
9:50 – Floating City Ruins
10:20 – Astronomical Observatory (Gulf Stream City)
10:50 – Red Leaves Mountain (Cannan Mountains)
11:31 – Above the Frozen Lake (Lapholme Icefield)
11:56 – Dam (Delfinam Plain)
12:30 – Dark Night Town Outskirts (Lapholme Icefield)
13:03 – Fairy Spring Town Outskirts (Tasam Basin)
13:29 – Palace Plaza (Gulf Stream City)
13:49 – Basin Panorama (Tasam Basin)
14:14 – Arena Main Entrance (Greepersia City)
14:37 – Whole View of the Frozen Lake (Lapholme Icefield)
15:29 – Snow Cave in the Woods (Realm of Stone Castle)
15:52 – Hunter Camp (Lapholme Icefield)
16:18 – Snowy Mountain Silver Moon (Tasam Basin)
16:51 – Waterfall on Distant Mountain (Realm of Thunder)
17:24 – Gulf Stream City (Delfinam Plain)
17:55 – Cannan Mountains (Star Valley Temple)
18:22 – Observatory (Lapholme Icefield)
18:49 – Icy Waterfall (Lapholme Icefield)
19:19 – Dragon's Demise (Verdispom Land)
19:47 – Gear Spiral (Realm of Nightmare)
20:13 – Dune Sea Arena
20:37 – Castle Beneath the Mountain (Realm of Suburb)
21:01 – Castle in the Mountain (Realm of Forest)

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