Noah’s Heart Apples Location Guide | Where to Find Apples

Noah's Heart Apples Location

The open world of Noah is vast and filled with secrets and resources. You'll want to follow the main story in Noah's Heart, but sometimes you're going to stumble upon an adventure mission called Encounter. These so-called anecdotes often require you to pick up a special item or run a specific dungeon, and you can't always rely on the auto-questing option. It's up to you to discover where to go to get an apple, for example, and how to make champagne. Since you may spend some time looking around for this fruit, this Noah's Heart apples location guide is going to point you in the right direction.

Noah's Heart Apples Location Guide

Noah's Heart Apples Location Guide

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When you open your album in Noah's Heart, you can find some clues on the whereabouts of many fruits, including apple. However, the clue is vague and you have to try many trees before you discover the apple trees location.

Apples in Noah's Heart can normally be found in the region of Tasam Basin, but you can go to Delfinam Plain as well. The exact location is near the shore, approximate coordinates [-743,454], that's where you must go to give a few trees a bump or use your ax to make apples fall to the ground. Pick up as many as you can, because you're going to need them for many recipes and for at least a couple of starting Encounters.

In Ball Invitation, you must use two apples and two pulp as the recipe to create champagne, and in Even a Robot Has Curiosity, the titular robot wants to know how it feels to taste an apple, and it's up to you to go grab it.

It's worth noting that collecting items, finding new animal species, and meeting NPCs in Noah's Heart is an achievement in itself and you should always be on the lookout for it. Each unlock comes with rewards, so don't neglect the album.

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