Noah’s Heart Ball Invitation Encounter Guide and Tips

Noah's Heart Ball Invitation Encounter Guide and Tips

Welcome to our Noah's Heart Ball Invitation Encounter guide, where you're going to make Tiffany a very happy girl with the help of our solution.

In this Noah's Heart Ball Invitation walkthrough you're going to unite Tiffany and Grego for the Prince's ball. This is but one of dozens of Anecdotes, as these adventure quests are known in the developer's previous MMO, Dragon Raja. We have a full list of Noah's Heart Encounter guides so that you can go straight to the crux of the matter instead of roaming the huge open world in search of clues and how to unlock Noah's Heart Encounters.

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How to Unlock Noah's Heart Ball Invitation Encounter

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Clue 2 (Analyzing): Who lost Prince Simon's invitation to the ball near the gate of Gulf Stream City? Please go find it on rainy days.

First things first, here's how to unlock Noah's Heart Ball Invitation Encounter. While we have no surefire way of saying how you can unlock it, you should be able to do this based on our experience.

The first thing is to have a character of at least level 40. The higher the better, just to keep safe, and complete main story missions for as long as you can until you reach a considerable barrier of progression. Then you have to explore Gulf Stream City, especially the gate area.

By now you should be in the stage where a clue tells you to look around the Gulf Stream City gate, but you can do this only during a rainy day. It can be light rain, from what we've seen. This means that you have to open the Weather screen (the small icon near the name of the current region) and check the time and forecast for the desired weather.

So, when it rains, head over to the Gulf Steam City gate. From the outside, climb the two first flights of stairs and immediately turn right. You should see a package on the ground, go ahead and investigate it. This moment will unlock the Ball Invitation Encounter.

Noah's Heart Ball Invitation Encounter Guide

Noah's Heart Ball Invitation Encounter Guide and Tips

After the Ball Invitation to Tiffany message, open your inventory to see what this letter is all about. Examine it to see the following description: Exclusive prop for Encounter mission. Go to Gulf Stream City and give the ball invitation to Tiffany.

Tiffany isn't easy to find unless you already know the city by heart. She is the girl in a blue dress and she's standing in front of a house near the central plaza, in one of the streets. Talk to Tiffany by choosing the [Encounter] Missing Invitation Letter dialogue option.

After the conversation tap the letter icon that pops up near the D-pad and talk to her again. Tiffany asks you to get a bottle of champagne but you decide to make your own to avoid the long cues, something that sounds… well, laborious. This is probably going to be your first time making champagne, so you need to discover the recipe by combining the ingredients. The only clue is that you need to use apples, but how many?

Before we get to that, we need apples. Maybe you have some already, but if you don't, you need to find apple trees. There's a spot near the coast to the right of Gulf Stream City, the coordinates are Delfinam Plain -766,470. Pick up as many apples as you wish, you're going to need them in the future.

Enter your Career Masterchef menu to go to the cooking table and start creating the champagne. Go to Free Cooking and add two apples and two pulp, and don't forget to click Add to Queue. Now that you have unlocked the champagne recipe you have to return to Tiffany. Talk to her and then click on the mission list [Encounter] Ask Grego whether he is willing to be the date of Tiffany.

Run back to Tiffany once more and this last dialogue will end the Ball Invitation Encounter.

Completed: A-a-a-are you willing to dance?

How to Unlock More Noah's Heart Encounters

Unlocking Noah's Heart Encounters is something that can be done by analyzing the clues and trying to discover which area or NPC they may be referring to. Here are some tips for those who want to unlock these adventure quests.

First and foremost, you should explore the world and unlock as many teleport spots a.k.a. portals as you can. Talk to every NPC that you find and explore every town, small or big, that you discover.

Leveling up is crucial as well, because level requirements are extremely common when it comes to unlocking Noah's Heart Encounters. Never stop leveling up your character and Phantoms.

Finally, it's all about the story. Keep following the main campaign as much as possible, because some quest chains serve as conditions for Encounters. More often than not you'll stumble upon level barriers, requiring you to level up before the next part of the main story can be unlocked.

Where to Find Noah's Heart Encounter Clues

To find Noah's Heart Encounter clues and use them to help unlock more Encounters, you must go into the required menu. Tap the Adventure option (the hot-air balloon icon) in the top area of the gameplay screen, then choose the Exploration green card. Now pick the Encounter polaroid photograph and you're in the right spot.

Noah's Heart Encounter Stages Detailed

Encounters in Noah's Heart go through various stages that you can filter by state or area. This will help you keep things organized, since it's recommended to start by the starting regions, although it may happen that you unlock Encounters from areas that you discover as you explore the open world.


If a Noah's Heart Encounter is locked, then you haven't fulfilled the minimum requirements to start it. You should enter the respective tab and check the clues, here described as Acquire Intelligence. This usually means that you must level up more, complete a certain quest chain, or find a specific NPC in a given region that is going to trigger the Encounter.


The Encounter is unlocked as you have completed the requirements and fulfilled all the conditions. However, you still have to find the place or NPC that triggers the beginning of the Encounter based on the Intelligence report that this tale has to offer you.

In Progress

You have started this Encounter and now it's a matter of following instructions and using your wit to complete it. Most of the time you have crucial instructions in your quest list, in the Others tab. Always remember to check these hints and click on the next step whenever you can, since it can save you a lot of time roaming the land.


Congratulations, this Encounter is finished and archived, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. You can just check back on it if you want to recall what the anecdote was all about and which rewards you received from finding the solution.

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