Noah’s Heart Career Level Up Guide | How to Level Up Masterchef, Tailor, Craftsman

Noah's Heart Career Level Up Guide

Noah's Heart (play for free here) is launching with three careers or professions. There's so much to do in this open world MMORPG, like saving innocents and the like, but every hero has time for some cooking, forging furniture, and designing outfits. This isn't an easy task, because there are many requirements and barriers that you must achieve to unlock your findings. In this Noah's Heart Career level up guide we'll tell you how to become an expert Masterchef, Tailor, and Craftsman.

How to Level Up Your Career in Noah's Heart

Noah's Heart Career Level Up Guide

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The first thing that you should do is collect ingredients and materials in the open world. Everything that you can use will show up in your career inventory, from cooking ingredients to forging materials and fabrics. Take your time to farm as it will pay off later.

So, the crucial tip here is that you increase your mastery as you cook, forge, or craft. Higher rated products result in more mastery points, and this is the basis for climbing career levels. However, there is a daily limit for the amount of products that you can create, translated into Energy points which recharge at a rate of 1000/day. Make sure to use the most that you can every single day.

The other part of the deal is the various Ability stats that you must raise as well. There are some thresholds for you to meet in various categories such as Charm, Creativity, Knowledge, Prestige, Expression, and others. Clicking on each one will show the ways of increasing your score, something that in many cases comes as an organic thing – exploring the world, cooking, raising Phantom Affection points, and so on. There's no harm in exploring the entire planet as good things will come of it.

Noah's Heart Career Level Up Guide Ability

Don't think that you are bound to one career while locked out of the other two. You have full access to the three occupations; in fact, some of the careers are  inevitably intertwined – you must be a Craftsman in order to create fabrics that the Tailor is going to use to make an outfit.

Completing quests, Encounters and other activities may reward you with a recipe or furniture blueprint, so this is a good way to get your portfolio to grow. Encounters, or Anecdotes as Dragon Raja players may know them, are particularly interesting for collecting diamonds and recipes, so don't neglect these.

Most of the recipes require a specific career level, so you see why it is important to cook, craft furniture, and pretty much just rake in those Fame points. If you check your inventory you're bound to find may grayed-out recipes, meaning that you have yet to achieve the required career level.

To sum this Noah's Heart Career level up guide, collect many ingredients and materials as you roam on planet Noah, go to the cooking and crafting tables on a regular basis, and you'll see your career level increasing in no time.

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