Noah’s Heart Hajdev Location Guide | Seven Pillared Shrine Ruins Area Mission

What is the location of Hajdev in Noah's Heart

Noah's Heart is packed to the brim with missions. The great MMORPG from Archosaur Games has expansive main story quests, but also includes anecdotes (known as Encounters) and Area missions (sometimes called Region missions, or Region Encounters). Unlocking most of the Area missions is a simple matter of reaching a required character level and region exploration rating, and these quests usually pose no challenge to the player, it's mostly a matter of following the story and quest objectives. However, now and then you're going to face an actual challenge, such as finding a character in a vague location. That is why we have this Noah's Heart Hajdev location guide, as this fellow has a tendency to stay out of the sun – and out of your sight.

Where is Hajdev in Noah's Heart?

Where is Hajdev in Noah's Heart

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Nobleman Hajdev – you may misspell it as Hadjev, it has happened to us before – is an NPC in Seven-Pillared Shrine Ruins, an Area Mission from Al Frieza desert. The synopsis says the following:

“The Wolf Head in the Seven Pillar God Ruins was stolen. The enraged descendants of the Seven Pillar Gods believed it must be the Narmaeans of the Greepersia City… Is it true? Who was the real thief?”

He is likely to be your main headache in this quest, as you don't have the luxury of clicking on the mission list to take you to him. Instead, you get this vague clue: “Nobleman Hajdev should be somewhere cool. Look for him in the shade.”

This could mean everything, from huts to palm trees or even rocks. Your task won't be easy, but don't give up yet, we have the solution for you.

What is the Location of Hajdev in Noah's Heart?

What is the location of Hajdev in Noah's Heart

Since we're talking shade and the desert is vast but empty, look for Hajdev in the vicinity. Use the map above as reference for the exact location of Hajdev, where the player arrow is.

You can find Hajdev to the east of the Ptolemaic Village, the place where Artien gives you the mission to locate him. It is near the lake under a palm tree, under the shade just as we were told. Talk to him and continue the Region mission as you would, it shouldn't be much trouble from now on. We should have a Seven-Pillared Shrine Ruins Area Mission guide, just in case you find some other step challenging.

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