Noah’s Heart How to Take Photographs Guide

Noah's Heart How to Take Photographs Guide

Noah's Heart is a beautiful open world MMORPG from Archosaur Games, makers of the acclaimed and visually stunning mobile MMO Dragon Raja. Both games share many similarities, including Anecdotes – you can check our list of Noah's Heart Encounter guides for help. One of the things that you'll surely be willing to do is to take pictures in the wonderful and diverse world of Noah, assuming that you have the option to do so. Spoiler alert: you do and in a couple of different ways, so this Noah's Heart How to Take Photographs guide is going to detail this mechanic to you.

How Can You Take Photographs in Noah's Heart?

Noah's Heart How to Take Photographs Guide

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In Dragon Raja you have a camera icon enabling photo mode anywhere in the game world, and Noah's Heart operates in a similar fashion. On top of the quest list rests a small camera icon that you can click on to enter the photograph mode. But this is just for taking some pictures of a few wonderful locations in planet Noah, while a second mechanic is used to increase your exploration rank.

You must resort to an alternate method to take photographs in specific vistas. As you explore the world of Noah you're going to find new and exciting places and landmarks, and you may spot some areas where a camera icon pops up, with the description [Scenery] and the name of the corresponding location. These are the spots where the camera function automatically activates, allowing you to take a picture of the locale. Taking pictures contributes to enriching your exploration level and album, which in turn means more rewards and achievements for you.

But finding a scenery spot in some of the larger towns or vast desertic expanses of terrain may not be so easy, so what can you do as to not miss them? Here's the deal: the designers have introduced a hint that you may fail to notice during the first hours of playtime, but it's there and you're going to be thankful for it.

If you pause to inspect your surroundings, sometimes you're going to notice a tiny flying yellow creature called Domily. This creature is friendly and is trying to get your attention. As soon as you approach it, the creature will guide you to a place nearby, which could be a scenery spot or even a Matrixium challenge. It's up to you to be on the lookout and follow them, because they are very helpful. Completing your photo album and discovering Matrixiums is easier when you are alert to them.

There is an alternative way that is very effective – open your Growth Book and find the Exploration Photo Spots. At certain levels, new Scenery Spots open and you can click to go there automatically, saving you the trouble of looking for them.

We hope this Noah's Heart How to Take Photographs guide answered all your questions. Don't forget that we have many more valuable Noah's Heart guides, especially the Encounter guides, also known as Anecdotes.

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