Noah’s Heart Jade Cavern Location Guide

Noah's Heart Jade Cavern Location Guide

Where is the Noah's Heart Jade Cavern location? That is a question that many players are surely wondering about, seeing that this cavern is part of one Encounter quest. However, while most of these anecdotes can be easily completed just by following the automatic mission objectives, this isn't such a case; you have to find and enter the Jade Cave by yourself. How can you do this? Keep reading and we'll show you all the details.

Where is the Jade Cavern entrance in Noah's Heart?

Noah's Heart Jade Cavern Location Guide

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First of all, a bit of context to this cavern. It is a step in one of Noah's Heart's Encounters, Companionship, and you can't finish it without going in there. Luckily, we have this and many more Noah's Heart Encounter guides for you to discover.

In fact, it's not very difficult to discover the location of the Jade Cavern. However, some players may miss the vital clue that will solve all mystery surrounding this challenge, and that is when you click on the objective from the quest list – you get the following hint: “Please to to the Realm of Jade Cavern from the Adventure page.”

There you have it, you can start by clicking the hot air balloon icon in the upper area of the gameplay screen. You should be familiarized with the Adventure page by now, but to reach the Jade Cavern you must do the following:

Choose the Challenge card, then pick the Realm – Normal option. Now you must find and click on the Star Valley Mountains, and lo and behold, there's the Jade Cavern (level 53-56) that you were searching for.

As you can see, the Jade Cavern dungeon isn't located in the world map, as many players may have wondered. It isn't a normal realm that you get to go to and explore in your travels; instead, it is a dungeon that is only accessible via your Adventure page.

I hope that this Noah's Heart Jade Cavern location has cleared all your doubts and that you have finished the Companionship Encounter without any other issues. Remember to check for many more Noah's Heart guides, we have tons of them divided into many aspects of this amazing PC and mobile MMORPG from Archosaur Games, makers of the successful MMO Dragon Raja.

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