Noah’s Heart Jetpack Unlock | How to Get Jetpack

Noah's Heart Jetpack Unlock Explained How to Get Jetpack

Noah's Heart is set on planet Noah, a vast spherical world with many adventures and challenges. You're going to run around exploring every corner of each region, but there are more practical ways to cover terrain. Mounts, for example, are crucial for speeding up your movement, but there's also a way to launch into the skies and fly freely. Jetpacks are the main way of transportation for the brave explorers who want to see the world from above. But what must you do? We'll show you when and how to unlock Noah's Heart jetpack.

How to Unlock Noah's Heart Jetpack

Noah's Heart Jetpack Unlock Explained How to Get Jetpack

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Earning the jetpack is something that happens during the first couple of hours in Noah's Heart. It's not like it is an optional gadget; the jetpack is crucial for some systems in the game and there's no way that you'll achieve greatness without unlocking and regularly using it.

You unlock the jetpack in Noah's Heart after reaching level 22, something that is fairly quick, as we've said above. The only requirement is to complete a mission called Brocken Town Teleport Spot, where you must collect three elements to open the portal: wind, water, and physical. You'll find the mission in your quest list as you progress through the main story quest.

This is a recurring task in Noah's Heart, as exploring the world and unlocking portals is vital to your progress. Portals save you time as you teleport instead of running the entire distance from one region to another. Most of these element collecting tasks are very easy, but a few of them are strictly timed, which means that you must find the optimal route to win this trial.

With the help of the jetpack you're going to fly places, but it needs to slowly recharge after being used, nine seconds for the full boost. Learn to time your boosts right so that you properly judge how high you can go without having a full tank.

We hope this Noah's Heart jetpack unlock guide shed some light on how to unlock the useful jetpack. Don't forget to read our other Noah's Heart guides here on

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