Noah’s Heart Order of Knights Location Guide

Noah's Heart Order of Knights Location

Noah's Heart has a vast open world to explore and quite a few towns for you to discover. As you may expect, it takes some time to learn the location of important buildings, but eventually you'll need to travel to one or two that you're not quite sure where they are located. They may even be under of nose, such as the Order of Knights, but you're an alien in planet Noah, after all, so it's understandable if you need some help. With this Noah's Heart Order of Knights location guide we'll save you the trouble and frustration of trying to find this place.

Where is the Noah's Heart Order of Knights HQ?

Noah's Heart Order of Knights Location

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Why do you need to find the Order of Knights headquarters? Because it is one of the triggers for the Noah's Heart Rescue Recruits encounter (check the full anecdote guide here). It is the large and somewhat circular building with the big globe inside and it's not obvious that this is the place you want to – after all, there's no big plaque outside telling you the name or something like that, and the architecture fits just right with the majority of the important buildings in Gulf Stream City.

So, to find the Order of Knights location you can refer to the image above. Check the arrow marking the character's position and you'll find a round building right in front, that's where the Order of Knights is. Approach the door, interact with the button prompt to enter, and hopefully you'll trigger the Rescue Recruits encounter, assuming you have completed a required mission before.

That's how you find the Noah's Heart Order of Knights location in Gulf Stream City. Don't forget to check our collection of Noah's Heart's guides here at as we have tons of helpful hints and solutions for all your gaming needs.

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