Noah’s Heart Phantom Affection Level Up Guide

Noah's Heart Phantom Affection Level Up

Phantom Affection is something that you must care for at all times in Noah's Heart (play for free here). These handy sidekicks will be very important in battle and are a great source of rewards, from diamonds to outfits. Increasing your Phantom affection levels involves offering them gifts, but there are several ways that you can get these gifts. In this Noah's Heart Phantom Affection level up guide we'll show you how to get gifts for them.

How to Level Up your Phantom Affection in Noah's Heart

Noah's Heart Phantom Affection Level Up Guide

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The way that the gift system works in Noah's Heart isn't too dissimilar to what we've seen in Dragon Raja and its Allies. You offer gifts to Phantoms for a set number of points and if one of them has a specific preference – a gift that aligns with their personality or liking – you get extra points. However, this time we don't have mood swings to worry about, a gift is a gift, no matter what.

To learn which gift is suited to whom, you must read each Phantom's backstories and understand their likes and dislikes. Learn their backgrounds, attitudes, even potential professions, and you may discover hints that could help you out.

In case  you want to maximize your gift giving we have a Noah's Heart Phantom Affection gift guide for you to check. Given the colossal number of variables, this is a work in progress and you're more than welcome to contribute to it.

How can you earn gifts for Phantoms in Noah's Heart? One of the ways for you to acquire gifts is by playing the main story and perform activities as you normally would. Eventually you'll find yourself with a few gifts sitting in your inventory without even noticing it. But here are other ways of getting gifts.

Masterchef Cookbook Dishes

You can cook any dish from the Masterchef recipes that has a small gift icon in the picture. Fruit Pie or Baked Potato are just a couple of examples that you can cook to offer your Phantoms – most of the dishes can be offered, except for things such as Feed, because… well, that's horse food, so it doesn't work great as a gift.

Convenience Store

Now this is the place to check every single day if you love pampering your Phantoms. In the Gift Store you have all kinds of items to purchase with in-game coins, something that you should have piling up in no time. Here you will find umbrellas, telescopes, stamps, dolls, music boxes and much more – the hardest part is discovering which Phantom prefers what.

Mysterious Store

In the Mysterious Store branch of the Trading House shop you may happen to find some boxes among things such as ores, Phantom EXP vouchers and shards, to name just a few. These boxes can be purchased with diamonds and inside you'll find various types of gifts for your Phantoms. If you don't like the current offer of products you may spend a few diamonds to refresh the list, in the hopes of seeing those boxes.

Don't forget that summoning new Phantoms and increasing their level is one of the ways to earn diamonds in Noah's Heart, so neglect this at your own peril.

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