Noah’s Heart Senior Hunter Badge 2 Achievement Unlock Guide | Wild Beast Tribe Monsters Location

Noah’s Heart Senior Hunter Badge 2 Achievement Unlock

Noah's Heart is a new MMORPG filled to the brim with game modes and special features, including countless achievements for you to aim for. These are called Badges in the game and look great in your screen, apart from giving you valuable rewards such as diamonds. However, you may have to strive to earn some Badges because they may be tied to other aspects of the game such as Encounters. One of those is the Senior Hunter 2 Badge, which is needed to progress in a specific adventure. In this Noah’s Heart Senior Hunter Badge 2 achievement unlock guide, we'll detail every step for you to grab this reward.

How to Unlock Senior Hunter 2 Badge in Noah's Heart

Noah’s Heart Senior Hunter Badge 2 Achievement Unlock guide

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The Senior Hunter 2 Badge asks you to defeat 500 Wild Beast Tribe Monsters. And why is this important in many ways? Because it is a requirement to unlock the Ferocious Brown Bears Encounter, of which we have an in-depth guide. This is a great reason to focus on this achievement, especially for those who are completionists and want to finish every Noah's Heart Encounter that they find.

However, there's a problem; not everyone will be capable of distinguishing the monsters' factions. Who are the creatures from the Wild Beast Tribe (sometimes called the Wild Beast Army), the Darkmist Alliance, and other factions? Unless you pay very close attention to the main story quests – and we all know that very few players actually do so in an MMORPG -, there's little chance that you know it all by heart.

If you play Noah's Heart every day and complete the dailies and weeklies, you will surely see your Senior Hunter Badge numbers going up. Inside the Realm of Chaos or the Temple of Dimension you may stumble upon some of these enemies.

However, this is a slow process and we're certain that you want to speed it up. That's why we are going to give you the exact Wild Beast Tribe location.

Wild Beast Tribe Monsters Location in Noah's Heart

Wild Beast Tribe Monsters Location in Noah's Heart

Although there are more areas where you can find creatures from the Wild Beast Army, this one is easy to spot and you won't have any trouble getting that counter up. You can see the image above for the exact Wild Beast Tribe Monsters location, situated right in front of the Temple of Earth.

Those wolves right in front of you are wild beast tribe monsters; slay them and check your Badge, you'll see that the numbers are climbing. Apart from their abundance and relatively inoffensive nature for any decent character in Noah's Heart, they respawn at a very fast rate, which means that you can clock in hundreds of wolves in less than an hour. Besides, they drop useful resources such as meat and leather.

After hitting the 500 wild beast tribe monsters mark, the Senior Hunter 2 Badge will pop up on the screen – don't forget to go into your Badges menu to activate it.

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