Noah’s Heart Trial of Wind Marmot Guide | Groundhog’s World Best Route

Noah's Heart Trial of Wind Marmot Guide

In the world of Noah's Heart you'll come across many trials, some of them quite challenging. One of them is the Trial of Wind, where you're going to enter various stages across Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Special Challenger tiers. One of the first challenges that Vivian throws at you is the Groundhog's World time trial. As a marmot, you have one minute and a half to reach your destination, otherwise you have to try again. After several failed tries, we succeeded and this Noah's Heart Trial of Wind Marmot Guide is going to show you the best route.

Noah's Heart Trial of Wind Marmot Guide

Noah's Heart Trial of Wind Marmot Guide

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The Groundhog's World trial has very simple instructions: “Dress up as a marmot. Find the way to Delfinam Plain.” There are a few rules as well to make the challenge more… well, challenging. You can't use mounts (you're a marmot, after all), there's no team up or teleport options. Swimming will end the trial, and dying is going to reset it as well.

After talking to Vivian in Tasam Basin and accepting the trial, you must follow the route behind her. Run in direction of the nearby town, with the river on your left side. Keep going until you find a small wood bridge, cross it and immediately turn left. Your now on the final stretch, just follow the suspended train bridge until you reach your goal before time runs out.

If all goes well, you can finish this trial with more than ten seconds left on the timer. After becoming an alpaca for the first challenge and a marmot for the second one, the third trial turns you into a capital guard, but that's surely easier than being a marmot.

You can find more Noah's Heart guides on, including several Encounter guides. These are the Anecdotes of this open world MMORPG, following on the company's previous game, the acclaimed mobile MMO Dragon Raja.

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