Perfect New World Strange Faces Trivia Answers Guide

Perfect New World Strange Faces Trivia Answers Guide

Perfect New World is the new MMORPG where players occasionally find these jack in a box toys signaled as Strange Faces containing some sort of challenge. It could be collecting items nearby, or a question about the game's lore. In this Perfect New World Strange Faces trivia answers guide we'll save you the worries of memorizing a good part of the lore or making blind guesses, giving you the solutions to the questions.

Perfect New World Strange Faces Trivia Answers

Throughout the land you may stumble upon the Strange Faces, either by finding them hidden near some house in a village or even while roaming through open territory, as they suddenly spawn near you. Selecting the right answer rewards you with a host of items that are very useful to upgrade your character.

Don't ignore these opportunities, as you may end up regretting it in the long haul.

Here are the Perfect New World Strange Faces quiz answers that we have discovered so far, this article being a work-in-progress that any player can contribute to.

Location: Fishing Village (6493,2678)
Q: The Prime statue is an important landmark in the fishing village, distributed exclusively by the Spirit Temple. Whole likeness was it sculpted in?
A: Su Che

Location: Sanctuary Market (6951,2617)
Q: The Werewolves, originally a branch of the Mythics, have mostly deviated from regular production and life, now living mainly by looting. They often hold rituals around their temple. What's the […]
A: Lost Temple

Location: Sanctuary Back Mountain (6906,2717)
Q: The power of Wraiths is a type of Spirit Energy, Soul Tamers can gain this power through cultivation. Which energy do Soul Tamers need to counter-resonate with to cultivate it?
A: Elemental Force

Location: Mountaintop Hut (6900,2573)
Q: The Mountaintop Hut is the residence of Mo Di. All the Mechanism devices surrounding it were built by him. What is Mo Di's identity?
A: Mechanic

Location: Sanctuary (6863,2301)
Q: The Sanctuary is a bustling hub where you can find many goods from Dracopolis. Its intricate Mechanisms devices are a legacy of Mo Di, who once lived in seclusion nearby. The townsfolk learned […]
A: Mechanism Core

Location: Misty Marshland (6264,3268)
Q: The Eyes of the Krimson Beyond is a powerful Wraith. What sustains its life?
A: Negativity

Feel free to leave any additional Perfect New World Online trivia answers in the comments to contribute to this guide, and we'll add your name here to credit you.

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