Play Goddess of Victory: Nikke on PC | Tips and Coupon Codes Guide

Play Goddess of Victory Nikke on PC Tips and Coupon Codes Guide

Goddess of Victory: Nikke just released globally for Android and iOS, and it’s impossible to ignore this high-profile title. The latest creation from Shift Up, the studio that previously gave us the astonishing Destiny Child, is another unmistakable hit, a hero collector game where beautiful girls appear front and center, the so-called waifus that many players love to find in their RPGs. This time, they are the starts of a third person cover shooter where the future of humanity is at stake. You can play Goddess of Victory: Nikke on PC for free right now, by using the renowned Android emulator Bluestacks. Since there is no official Nikke PC client yet, it is your best bet to play this great game with maximum comfort.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke on PC

Nikke is the name given to the humanoids that you recruit and take into battle. These maidens have unique combat abilities that you must learn and skillfully use against the invading creatures. So, you must form a team by looking beyond their tantalizing looks, as the effectiveness in combat is what matters the most. Since the enemies come in many different shapes and styles, you need to assemble a squad of Nikkes that offer a varied arsenal capable of dealing with them all. For example, bring units capable of using a shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle, rocket launcher, and others that you may find suited for the upcoming battle. With over 60 Nikkes to choose from, the task of picking the best team isn’t going to be an easy one.

With an incredibly immersive anime sci-fi setting and a gameplay reminiscent of those old-school arcade shooters, Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a fun game that still relies heavily on tried-and-tested mechanics used by what are commonly called gacha games. This means that no matter your skill and twitch reflexes, there will be some stages that are impossible to overcome if you don’t have the recommended power level. So, you must strive to level up your best Nikkes as much as possible and hit a comfortable power level for the chapter at hand.

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Below you’ll find a set of Goddess of Victory: Nikke tips that should help new players understand the overall mechanics and make the most out of their army of Nikkes.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke on PC

Understand the Roles

Each Nikke comes in different tiers (S, SR, and SSR), and classes (Attack, Defense, and Support). Attackers are the girls that do the most damage, strong units that are specially advised against bosses; Defenders are great at absorbing damage and sparing the remaining units from a heavy barrage of bullets; finally, Supporters are needed for their valuable team boost, with healing and buffing abilities that could turn the tide of battle.

Take Advantage of the Environments

Battles in Goddess of Victory: Nikke have a lot of systems going on at the same time, one of them being the different environments where the action unfolds. You have Fire, Water, Wind, Iron, and Electric battlefields, so you must use the Nikkes that are most suited and take advantage of the extra damage that these buffs provide.

Don’t Neglect Game Modes

Upgrading your Nikkes isn’t an easy task and every single day counts. Do not neglect the significance of the Ark mode, but also those seemingly minor things such as daily logins, achievements, all quest types, and the like.

Build Your Outpost

Do your best to expand your Outpost with more and more buildings. You should focus on those that give you the best returns, and while this ultimately goes down to each player, a good idea is to develop your Tactics Academy, Recycling Room, and Infrastructure Core. Since these tasks may take quite some time, it’s best to get on it as soon as possible.

The tips in this Goddess of Victory: Nikke guide should put you up for a good start in this awesome game. Enjoy your Nikkes and good luck getting rid of the invaders!

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