Play Together Exam 2022 Answers Guide | All Questions Answered

Play Together Exam 2022 Answers

The acclaimed cartoon sandbox Play Together has amassed a huge following all over the world. Younger players in particular are excited by this game and the various activities they get to partake in, including school tests and hanging out with their buddies. Now we have a new exam for you to test your knowledge not of the various disciplines, but of the game itself. In this guide we'll help you out with the Play Together Exam 2022 answers.

Play Together Exam 2022 Answers

Play Together Exam 2022 Answers

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This Play Together Exam 2022 runs from April 8, 2022 through April 14, 2022 and is an offline event. You open a Google doc form where you have 20 multiple choice questions about facts as diverse as knowing how many computers there are, or how many trees you can count in Forgotten Island.

This guide was created based on our personal experience and hopefully it will give you a good head start, since 20 winners who have correctly answered the most questions will earn a Crown and 100 Gems. Other lucky winners will get 2000 Stars.

If you believe that we are absolutely wrong in one of the questions, feel free to let us know in the comments which one. Preferably join some actual evidence to support your claim, although we know that in some cases it is impossible to do so.

You can participate in the event by following the official link on Play Together's Facebook page. Good luck!


Q: When is Play Together's global launch?
A: April 13, 2021


Q: What is the name of the mini-game in the picture?
A: Wheel of Obstacles


Q: What time does class start in Play School?
A: 09:00


Q: Which of the following is NOT sold by Sika?
A: Cafe Latte


Q: Which of the following item can be acquired through Collection?
A: Spicy Fish-shaped Pastry Rug


Q: Which of the following is NOT said by Fisher?
A: Sea fishing is distinctive and fun


Q: Which of the following is the cheapest product?
A: Light Orange Mouse Hat


Q: The following picture has been drawn by a Play Together staff. What is the name of this fish?
A: Goliath Tigerfish


Q: Which of the following fish does not appear in the Camping Ground?
A: Clown Fish


Q: What color shoes does Yeonie wear?
A: Green


Q: How many trees are planted in the Forgotten Island?
A: 24


Q: You have successfully connected 9 shapes in the Connect Shapes class. What grade would you get?
A: C+


Q: How many objects can you transform into in Zombie Virus?
A: 55


Q: Which of the following brand did NOT collaborate with Play Together?


Q: How many computers are there in Play School?
A: 30


Q: How many hearts do you need to raise your pet to the maximum level?
A: 700


Q: What is the time limit for a single stage at the Tower of Infinity?
A: 06:00


Q: How many stages does the Obby Race have?
A: 200


Q: Which of the following is not a Play Together NPC?
A: Ms. Nurse


Q: Guess what this is!
A: Crowned Egg

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