Ragnarok Origin Gift Codes List | How to Redeem Guide (September 2021)

Ragnarok Origin Gift Codes and redeem guide

Updated September 29, 2021 | Are you looking for Ragnarok Origin gift codes? We have the latest scoop on this right here, so keep reading for the best in-game freebies! Ragnarok Origin (play free on PC here) is coming to North America, and we're not talking about a private server or something like that. This time it is the real deal, the official release by developer and publisher Gravity Interactive, although it is only scheduled for the United States and Canada for now. If you've been selected to try the closed beta and intend on playing this MMORPG when it releases later this year, our Ragnarok Origin gift codes list is going to be your best companion.

Ragnarok Origin Gift Codes List

Ragnarok Origin Gift Codes List

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We've lost count on the number of Ragnarok games released throughout the years, and Ragnarok Origin is one more. This time it's a (another?) re-imagining of the original MMORPG that was released for PC nearly 20 years ago, but adapted and improved for the mobile generation. Fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this MMO with cute anime graphics and improved combat and quests.

Some of the earlier Ragnarok Origin exchange codes were released during the closed beta in September 2021, so it's uncertain if they will work by the time of official release, but it's worth giving them a shot. However, some codes offer outfits that are specific to a male or female character, which means that this gift may end up sitting in your inventory.

  • YOYO
  • MAYA

Redeem these codes as soon as possible, as they may expire in the blink of an eye. If you know of a working Ragnarok Origin promo code for this US version, let us know about it in the comments.

How to Redeem Ragnarok Origin Coupon Codes

Getting those sweet and free Ragnarok Origin rewards is extremely simple. However, you may take some time before gaining access to the redeem system, as the tutorial below is going to show you.

  • Run Ragnarok Origin
  • Play the game until level 20, this opens new options in the game screen
  • Tap the Gift option in the upper area
  • Tap Coupon Gifts and enter your exchange code.

You can play Ragnarok Origin when it officially launches in the Play Store and App Store. That's all in our Ragnarok Online redeem codes list and how to claim guide. We hope you enjoy your rewards.

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