Raid the Dungeon Coupon Codes | How to Redeem Guide (September 2021)

Raid the Dungeon Coupon Codes

Updated September 2, 2021 | Raid the Dungeon is an idle RPG for Android and iOS, and it is getting very good player reviews. Hence, it is only natural that the community is on the lookout for promo codes to enhance their party's battle strength. Described as an Idle Adventure RPG similar to AFK Arena, you must face many threats across different dungeons, but it's in PvP that ultimately you'll find the tougher challenges. Epic weapons, armor, and gear await the bravest warriors, but even legendary heroes won't say no to a little free boost from the Raid the Dungeon coupon codes that you can find below.

Raid the Dungeon Coupon Codes List

Raid the Dungeon Coupon Codes List

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MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

Raid the Dungeon and Guilty Gear Strive collaboration resulted in famous heroes from the fighting game series finding their way into the idle RPG. As always, this kind of crossovers is much appreciated by fans of both games, but it's even better because it came with a Raid the Dungeon coupon code that rewards players with tons of freebies.

But that's just one of the many Raid the Dungeon coupon codes that we'll add to this list. There were a few before, but since they are most likely expired, it's not worth cluttering this code list for no good reason. Still, it's worth giving a shot for older codes, because you never know – they may not be expired already.

  • AUTUMNSPECIAL (redeem code to get Eternal Token x40,000, Skin Coupon x2500 – expires September 30, 2021)
  • GUILTYGEAR (redeem code to get Eternal Token x40,000, Skin Coupon x2500)
  • Lovejune
  • Branch

Keep checking this page for new Raid the Dungeon coupon codes, as we plan on adding more codes as they are released.

How to Redeem Raid the Dungeon Codes

Unusually, you can claim Raid the Dungeon codes both on Android and iOS. This means that there are two distinct ways for you to do so, because normally you can't find an in-game coupon code redeem system in iOS, for Apple reasons. So, find the redeeming instructions for both system below.

Raid the Dungeon Codes on Android:

  • Run Raid the Dungeon
  • Play until you can tap the Settings icon
  • In the new window go to the Others tab and tap Enter Coupon
  • Enter a working Raid the Dungeon code and tap Confirm

Raid the Dungeon Codes on iOS:


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