Smash Legends Coupon Codes List (July 2021)

Smash Legends Coupon Codes Guide

Updated July 22, 2021 | Smash Legends is Line Games' new cartoon brawler. Designed for fast and quick matches, it can quickly be compared to Supercell's Brawl Stars, both in ease of play and overall art style. Smash Legends was developed by 5minLab for PC, Android, and iOS, and will include cross-platform play at launch. As any knowledgeable player can surely guess, there are tons of rewards to earn as you brawl… I mean, smash your way through opponents in the arena. Both the medal road and event pass will help you with character puzzle pieces, in-game currency, keys, and much more. However, and unlike Brawl Stars, you can redeem codes in Smash Legends, so that should give you a few extras along the way. In this guide we're going to gather all the official and valid Smash Legends coupon codes that we get our hands on.

Smash Legends Coupon Codes List

Smash Legends Coupon Codes List

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Smash Legends – not to be confused with Roblox Smash Legends – comes ready with a coupon code system, which means that it won't be long until the makers of the game start distributing free gifts. It could happen during the Early Access phase, but it's after the official launch that the codes will come thick and fast.

Below you can find the Smash Legends coupon codes list.

  • Dominion (redeem for 500 coins)
  • LETSSMASH (redeem for 100 gems)
  • supporter (redeem for 600 coins – expires April 12, 2021)

How to Redeem Your Smash Legends Rewards

How to Redeem Smash Legends Coupon Codes

And now it's time to grab those freebies by redeeming your gift codes. It's easy and simple, and you can do it by following the instructions below.

  • Launch the game and complete the tutorial
  • Click the three horizontal lines (hamburger icon) in the upper right corner
  • Click Settings
  • Go to the Others tab
  • Click Coupon
  • Enter your user ID and a valid coupon code without “-“
  • Click Confirm

You can start playing Smash Legends by downloading the game from Steam PC, Play Store, and App Store. During the Early Access stage there are some country restrictions, so keep that in mind just in case you can't log in for some reason.

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