Sprite Fantasia Gift Codes List | How to Redeem Guide (October 2021)

Sprite Fantasia Gift Codes

Updated October 20, 2021 | Are you looking for Sprite Fantasia gift codes to exchange for great and free rewards? Look no further because this is the best place for you to find them. The sequel to classic MMORPG Grand Fantasia is out there and while it has soft-launched in Brazil first, the global release is set for October 19, 2021. Developer X-Legend has an extensive but not always critically acclaimed track record, being responsible for Aura Kingdom, Dragonicle, and a few more MMO games that you probably know if you like the genre. But let's keep going and discover the Sprite Fantasia codes that we have for you.

Sprite Fantasia Gift Codes List

Sprite Fantasia Gift Codes List

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Starting with a few free boosts is always a good thing, and in this game that is no exception. The Sprite Fantasia codes should be good for many kinds of items and resources, but things kicked off with a nice gacha ticket, something that is always useful. More codes have been released right in time for the official launch, so check this list of Sprite Fantasia coupon codes for all the good stuff.

  • VIP111
  • VIP777
  • VIP888
  • VIP999
  • SP777
  • 7BDKCSSSF6FN – redeem code for Memory Card Gacha Ticket x1
  • 7BJFDNS4RXFM (Expired) – redeem code for  Prism Gem x50, Costume Gacha Ticket x1

Your best bet for new Sprite Fantasia codes is to bookmark this page and return on a daily basis, as there may be new codes. Lose too much time and the code may be expired in a few days, we don't recommend you to waste much time before redeeming a code. Oh, and these are by no means any sort of Sprite Fantasia hacks or cheat codes, they are official gifts released by the makers of the game to the community.

Don't forget to always type the code as it is shown above, because a capital letter or a blank space may be enough to return an error message. There's always the option to look around for codes by visiting the Sprite Fantasia social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

How to Claim Sprite Fantasia Redeem Codes

Are you wondering how to claim your Sprite Fantasia freebies? We have the full instructions below, give it a look.

  • Launch Sprite Fantasia
  • Click the Sprite button in the main gameplay screen
  • Choose the gift icon in the new X-Widget menu
  • Click Gift or Redeem, depending on the type of code
  • Enter your code and confirm

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