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State of Survival PC client

State of Survival is the hugely successful strategy survival RPG from FunPlus, a game that launched on Android and iOS to a warm welcome. Over the months it has grown into an impressive hit, with many content updates and some very special crossovers, such as the ones featuring The Walking Dead, The Joker, and even the UFC, among others.

The zombie survival genre isn’t new, but it’s always an exciting pitch especially when it involves a balanced mix of base building and turn-based strategy as the one seen in State of Survival. One of my favorite things about the game is the vast roster of heroes to use, with some very interesting and appealing designs, both aesthetically and in mechanical terms.

It’s impossible to deny that a few players struggle to play on mobile devices when they are used to the comfort of playing on PC. Resorting to emulators such as Bluestacks is a great solution when there is no native computer version, but a few months ago State of Survival received its official PC client, ripping apart the walls that prevented some players from enjoying it. You can download State of Survival for PC through this link and enjoy the best version of this exciting strategy RPG.

As expected, State of Survival runs much better on PC, offering a smoother and more intuitive experience without any sort of high requirements. It’s also a prettier game due to the crisp resolution, allowing you to enjoy the details on heroes such as Becca, Nanami, Kira, and others. There is a unique coupon code to celebrate this transition, you can grab it right here: PLAYSOSONPC. But if you want an entire list of State of Survival coupon codes, we have it as well, just click the link and you can claim tons of rewards for free while the gift codes are still active, so don’t waste any time!

State of Survival Tips

State of Survival PC client

In State of Survival, your base acts as your last bastion of defense against the zombie invasion. Steadily you will recruit new survivors who are going to join you in the fight, each one with unique personalities and abilities. To upgrade your base and expand with more buildings, you need to take your team into the wild and loot resources. Obviously, the zombie threat is huge, and it takes resourcefulness and agency to make the best decisions, from picking your team, upgrading their skills, placing them in the best positions, and using their abilities at the best time. Don’t forget to upgrade the Hero Precinct regularly to bypass the hero level limit and keep evolving your units.

Combining these thrilling semi-action scenes with the slower paced but also exciting base building is the key to your success. You need a strong haven to keep your units protected from the zombie attack, so don’t forget to evolve your buildings whenever you can. You need a safe place where to train troops of various types, from grunts to archers and rovers, among many others, forming an army that will go out into the wilderness and bring back precious loot.

State of Survival starts as a PvE game, but soon mixes it up with PvP, so you must upgrade your battle power as much as possible to keep relevant in the face of battle. While a high power is the result of a good combination of factors, upgrading your heroes is one of the things that is of utmost importance, so we’re going to leave you with a few tips.

State of Survival coupon codes

Upgrade Your Heroes

This is an obvious one, but always shoot for the max level with all your favorite heroes. The higher level they are, the better base and special stats they get, resulting in improvements to the hero and your settlement that shouldn’t be neglected. You get superior health and marching capacity stats, among others, but your base will also get benefits that range from construction speed to resource requirements.

Break the Level Cap

Once you have upgraded your hero to the current maximum level, this is not the end. Now you must turn to a couple of features that will allow you to progress further. One of them is each unit’s Hero Rank, and later, the other feature is the building that will break the level cap, which is the Hero Precinct.

Use the Hero Training Area

The Hero Training Area is a true gift to players, as it allows you to level up various characters to the level of the best three heroes in your group. These are the instructors, and all the other heroes that you put in the slots will instantly be of the level of your lower instructor. For example, if you have three instructors of level 75, 72, and 70, all your heroes in the training area will be of level 70 as well.

Find Loot in the Wilderness

The wilderness may be filled with danger, but there are a lot of great things to find there. Search around and you will find valuable hero fragment, for example, which can be used to create a brand-new hero or evolve one that you already have.

These are all the State of Survival tips we have for now, enjoy the game in its upgraded PC version and good luck fending the undead attack!

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