Summoners War Chronicles Cooking Recipes Level 5 List Guide

Summoners War Chronicles Cooking Recipes Level 5 List Guide

Going into our Summoners War Chronicles Cooking Recipes Level 5 guide, the cooking is getting seriously complicated and you'd better stock up on ingredients for the bigger dishes. Take a look at the recipes below and start using that portable cooking bonfire.


Summoners War Chronicles Cooking Recipes List | Level 5 Dishes

Summoners War Chronicles Cooking Recipes List Level 5 Dishes

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This Summoners War Chronicles cooking recipes level 5 is going to detail all the ingredients that you need to make the available dishes, including those that are used for Promotion to level 6.

Korean Bullhead Dish
x5 Korean Bullhead
x2 Normal All-purpose Ingredient
x3 Pepper

Blowfish Soup
x6 Blowfish
x1 Normal All-purpose Ingredient
x1 Premium Salt

Steamed Crab
x3 Crab
x2 Normal All-purpose Ingredient
x1 Premium Salt
x1 Pepper

Strawberry Juice
x8 Strawberry
x2 Premium Natural Water
x1 Premium Sugar

Grilled Rainbow Mackerel
x7 Rainbow Mackerel
x3 Premium Salt

Grilled Calm Mackerel
x5 Calm Mackerel
x3 Premium Salt

Dinner Roll
x6 Kiwi
x2 Premium Flour
x3 Sugar

Basil Pesto Pasta
x3 Basil Leaf
x1 4-Leaf Clover
x1 Premium All-purpose Ingredient
x1 Premium Flour

Beaded Ice Cream
x5 Peach
x3 Unmelted Ice
x3 Premium Sugar

Crab Salad
x8 Sage Leaf
x2 Crab
x1 Ice Mango
x3 Olive Oil

Sage Tea
x8 Sage Leaf
x1 Eternal Leaf
x3 Premium Natural Water

Instant Recovery Soup (Mid)
x1 Sage Leaf
x1 Potion Craft Tool
x1 Premium Natural Water

Premium All-purpose Ingredient 1
x3 Sage Leaf
x1 Beef
x1 Blowfish

Premium All-purpose Ingredient 2
x3 Saffron Petal
x1 Beef
x1 Rainbow Mackerel

Essence of Light
x5 Swallowtail Dart
x10 Enhancement Shard

Essence of Dark
x5 Crab
x10 Enhancement Shard

Summoners War Chronicles Cooking Profession Hints and Tips

Cooking in Summoners War: Chronicles comes with different levels. Although you have some recipes open to you, you must discover others on your own. A failed recipe may return some kind of low dish, but you also get valuable advice on one of the main ingredients, so it's worth trying and then using common sense to find the rest – or better still, read our Summoners War Chronicles cooking recipes list for the instant solutions.

Cooking is something that you will be doing quite often, so it's crucial to save time and have lots of gold at hand for the dishes, as each one requires a certain amount of in-game currency. Instead of running to the nearest cooking bench, its' recommended to buy a Portable Cooking Bonfire as soon as possible. This item will let you cook anywhere you are, saving you from some fairly long trips.

Since it's best to get every reward as soon as you can, you should aim for the Promotion cooking recipes first. Look for the ingredients that you're lacking either by buying from the General Merchant, by clicking on the marker to take you to the spot where they can be farmed, or simply by creating premium ingredients by combining lower ingredients with other items.

Sometimes it's not that simple to farm high-rarity ingredients, as these very special items such as fish can be exclusive to timed events. Pay close attention to these events and when they occur. Fishing in particular will require better bait so that you can catch the high tier fish, need for high level cooking recipes.

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