Tarisland Truth Will Out Quest Trivia Answers Guide

Tarisland Truth Will Out Quest Trivia Answers Guide

This Tarisland Truth Will Out quest trivia answers guide will give you the correct choices for NetEase's latest MMORPG in the style of World of Warcraft. At one point in the game you will be faced with a series of questions where you must pick one of two options to advance, and this article is going to help you solve the trivia. Keep reading and check the answers below to save you some trouble and health points.

Tarisland Truth Will Out Quest Quiz Answers

While this type of trivia isn't very common in Tarisland, this is one event where you must have some knowledge about the game and its lore. The questions aren't entirely straightforward, requiring you to pay attention to the backstory of a few characters if you want to nail everything down. Make the wrong choice and your character's health points will take a hit, something that isn't advisable considering that this mission includes a few combats further down the road. On the other hand, you can simply follow our Tarisland trivia answers guide here and make the right choices.

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Here are the Tarisland Truth Will Out quest trivia answers:

Q: What is Fabre's “Something Special”?
A: Right circle (chicken dish)

Q: What is the symbol of the Capulet family?
A: Left circle (eagle symbol)

Q: How to seek the truth?
A: Left circle (magic and mechanics)

Q: What is destiny's gift?
A: Right circle (knowledge)

This will get  you through this quest and on to the rest of the puzzles and combat in this area, which shouldn't pose any problems. From rotating statues in the required direction to fighting some fairly easy spirits, you should be ready to move on to the next stage of this fantasy MMORPG. Good luck!

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