Tears of Themis Characters Relationship Chart

Tears of Themis Characters Relationship Chart

MiHoYo's latest game Tears of Themis is an Otome game at heart, but you need to use your detective skills in order to go places. One of the most important things about it is to learn who is who and what intentions they may have. As a new attorney at Themis Law Firm, you must choose your allies and thread carefully when facing other powerful people, such as rival attorneys. The Tears of Themis characters relationship chart will show you who is who, and give you the necessary knowledge before you decide how to interact with them.

Tears of Themis Characters Relationship Chart

Tears of Themis Characters Relationship Chart Global English Guide

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At first, we created a relationship chart based on the Chinese version. A few fansites had localized some of the connection text, but the names remained in the original language. After some extensive playtime during the closed beta, we discovered the names and faces that were present in the global version, so that you know exactly who is who. Well… almost all of them, because a few names seem to remain a secret.

Getting to know everyone is a task that may take some time, considering that you only meet some characters as you unlock new chapters and investigations. Your detective adventures in the city of Stellis aren't limited to the faces shown in the chart; along the way you'll meet other persons who play smaller roles, but some of them may turn out to be significant nonetheless.

This Tears of Themis characters relationship chart also works as a means for you to know the major players in Stellis. You have the Themis Law Firm, where the heroine or main character works, then you have the Pax Group, and finally the Baldr Law Firm. Key characters will be divided across these groups, and the interactions between them are bound to have a fair share of surprises and twists. We wish you the best of luck in your trials to find the truth and perhaps love as well.

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