The Legend of Neverland Redeem Codes List (September 2022)

The Legend of Neverland Redeem Codes

Updated September 1, 2022 | The Legend of Neverland (play free on PC now) is a beautiful MMORPG for Android and iOS devices released by Game Ark. Despite some controversy with ads that were overly inspired (for lack of a better word) by Genshin Impact, it is a quaint and interesting MMO that deserves the attention of fans of the genre. Despite being officially released in SEA regions only, it isn't IP blocked at the time of writing, so everyone should be able to give it a spin. And what better way to raise your character's combat power than by using some The Legend of Neverland redeem codes. If you are looking for The Legend of Neverland global codes, as the game released worldwide in September 7, 2022, that's the link to follow.

The Legend of Neverland Exchange Codes List

The Legend of Neverland Exchange Codes List

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The Legend of Neverland redeem codes, also known as exchange codes in this game, will grant you some nice rewards. Before launch there was a pre-registration campaign where every player that signed up would receive a custom code to redeem in the game. Naturally, we can't share these codes because they are single use and bound to a unique player.

With that being said, here is the current list of The Legend of Neverland redeeming codes.

  • Forever
  • WithYou
  • Treat4U
  • Love100
  • 3MCode
  • Home01
  • Home02
  • HAHA0401 – redeem code for Strawberry Milk*50 (expires April 1, 2022)
  • TLON2022 – redeem code for Gold Coins x888888, Cabala Sapphire x288
  • focus111 (redeem to get Gold Coins x500000, Potion Stamina x2)
  • VIP999 (redeem to get Advanced Weapon Enhance Dust x100, Skill Rubbing x100)

Remember that you must type the codes just as they are presented, to keep it on the safe side because they are case-sensitive. How can you get more The Legend of Neverland codes? By checking this page regularly, first and foremost, and also by spending lots of time following and searching the game's social media, such as Facebook or Discord.

How Do I Claim My The Legend of Neverland Coupon Codes?

The Legend of Neverland Redeem Codes

You can use your The Legend of Neverland promo codes in-game through a simple process. With a few taps you'll be ready to redeem your rewards and make your progress a little bit easier. The screen above is what you should be on the lookout for, but here is the detailed info on how to claim the codes:

  • Tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top right area of the screen
  • Tap Settings (cog icon) in the bottom area of the new menu
  • In the Individual tab, find and tap the Redeeming Code button on the left
  • Enter your exchange code and tap confirm

That's it! The rewards will be on their way, so enjoy!

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