The Legend of Neverland Treasure Chest Location Guide

The Legend of Neverland Treasure Chest Location Guide

Treasure chests in The Legend of Neverland (play free on PC now) are a valuable resource that you just can't ignore. However, they're not easy to find, so you must be on the lookout for any hint regarding their location. Chests aren't immediately visible, being fairly well hidden in the scenery, making the task even more arduous than expected, requiring you to roam each map and hope for a trigger to pop up. When you see the interaction “open” appear, that's a really good sign that you're near a treasure chest. But instead of leaving it all to luck and hard work, our The Legend of Neverland treasure chest location guide is going to guide you in the right direction… or directions.

The Legend of Neverland Treasure Chest Locations Guide

The Legend of Neverland Treasure Chest Locations Guide

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The most complicated part of finding these treasure chests is that the game doesn't have a coordinates system. This means that we must rely on visual cues and hints to point you to the treasure. Nothing to worry about, since clicking on the specific location while in the region map will make your character run to the desired spot.

When you're in the right place you should see the “Open” interaction flashing, so use it and pick up the precious contents from the treasure chest. Some chests are just for show, so if you find one that you can't open because there's no interaction icon, then move on and ignore it. Rewards range from summon seeds to primary enhance dust, among other items.

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Click the images to enlarge and better spot the locations. Use the map to find the treasure chest location, represented by the green arrow.

Oak Town Treasure Chest Locations

Grab one chest behind the training dummies and targets, hidden inside a bush (I have a bug that prevents me from opening this chest).

Oak Town Treasure Chest Locations

Second chest is up for grabs inside the lake, near the house.

Move to the top part of the map near the huge glowing teleport. The chest is right behind the teleport.

The dodo farm hides a chest that you won't spot unless you like to explore every corner. Grab the Purple Crystal Chests from its interior.

Statues hiding treasure chests aren't unusual, so grab this one from the left area of the Oak Town map. There's a Crushing Hammer Blue item inside.

Sophila Treasure Chest Locations

You can find one chest near the watermill, by going up the stairs to the entrance of the house.

The Legend of Neverland Treasure Chest Location Guide

Another chest is hidden in plain sight behind the cathedral, on the top part of the map.

Don't climb the stairs leading to the cathedral; instead, walk past the guard and find a chest in the corner, behind the tree. It's worth its weight in summon seeds, you know.

The right side of Sophila harbors another chest near a tree and a bucket of water. It would be good if you're feeling thirsty… well, at least you get 150k coins from the treasure chest.

Kagmaw Grassland F1 Treasure Chest Locations

Time to look behind waterfalls. Look for one treasure chest behind this waterfall…

… And find another chest behind another waterfall.

Close to the waterfall from the chest above, climb the path and find another chest behind the tree.

On the bottom left area of the map you'll find a couple of abandoned houses. Inside one of them there's a treasure chest.

Kagmaw Grassland F2 Treasure Chest Locations

Find one of the chests on the bottom area of the map, somewhat near the waterfall.

Kagmaw Grassland F2 Treasure Chest Locations

There's another chest near the first one, just a bit to the side, hidden behind a bush. Look out for the weird big egg plant kind of things and you'll know where to find it.

Grab one more chest for good measure on the top right area of the Kagmaw Grassland F2 map. This isn't the most obvious to reach because you have to climb the path and the minimap isn't very helpful here. Find the treasure chest behind the tree.

The Legend of Neverland Treasure Chest Location Guide

Kagmaw Grassland F3 Treasure Chest Locations

Behind the teleporter to Kagmaw Grassland F2 lies a chest that is well hidden, but not well enough to escape a perceptive eye.

But wait, there's more! To the right of the teleporter there's a very conspicuous chest that requires a bit of camera adjustment to see, so don't miss it.

Move to the right to the place where the dodos are hanging around, waiting to be bashed. Behind a few rocks there's a treasure chest hidden inside a bush.

Twilight Rainforest F2 Treasure Chest Locations

Go to the top of the map and you should easily see the chest, as the image below shows.

Twilight Rainforest F3 Treasure Chest Locations

The bright and vivid colors of the Twilight Rainforest F3 hide a few more chests. Here's one nearby the weird blue egg plants.

There's one more chest nearby behind the tree with those blue thingies. 150k coins await.

Fog Swamp F1 Treasure Chest Locations

Go to the top of the map, slightly to the right, and there's a chest clearly visible, you can't miss it. Easiest Purple Crystal Chests ever.

This one's a bit unusual, because you must use a small blue teleporter to get to the chest. Still, it's very easy as you'll respawn right next to the chest, so enjoy your reward, which is 150k coins.

Near the waterfall there's another chest waiting for your grubby hands. And what's in store for you? Summon seeds, that's what.

These treasure chests are getting craftier. Take this example, with one chest that is trying to sneak past us behind some plants and under a tree stump. A Feather Decoration item awaits inside.

Fog Swamp F2 Treasure Chest Locations

Behind Robin there's a house, and behind that house there's a treasure chest containing Mysterious Yarn x1.

Inside those murky swamp waters on the left bottom region lies another treasure chest in wait, this time containing Strawberry Milk x10.

The next chest is very well hidden behind a barrel and under a rock. Find it by looking at the image below. 20 summon seeds are waiting inside.

Move to the left side of the swamp for another precious chest. Run behind the wood formation and find the chest near the glowing crystal. Purple crystal chests are the reward.

Run to the right side of the swamp. Behind that decayed house with the cobwebs lies another chest, this one containing 150k coins. Nice!

Fog Swamp F3 Treasure Chest Locations

More fog, more swamp, and more treasure chests. Don't let the tricky terrain detain you from your quest for free rewards. Get your feet wet and grab the chest below for six Purple Crystal Chests.

Treasure Chest guide Fog Swamp F3 1

There's another chest in the bottom right area of the map, behind the abandoned house. There's an additional twenty Summon Seeds inside, which you surely know by now are used to summon flower fairies, so it's a very valuable kind of currency.

Treasure Chest guide Fog Swamp F3 2

Another chest just a few steps to the side? Whaaat? Don't judge, just collect it as the image shows, more Strawberry Milk for the fairies.

Treasure Chest guide Fog Swamp F3 3

The next chest won't make you run too much, it's just a bit above that popular abandoned house. Find the big blue glowing thing and you're there. Easiest Vitalization Dust ever.

Treasure Chest guide Fog Swamp F3 4

Sakala Desert F1 Treasure Chest Locations

The arid region of Sakala Desert has a few treasure chests for you. Start by finding the one in the image below, near the top of the map, concealed under a small tent right next to Kelly. 150k coins await inside.

Treasure Chest guide Sakala Desert F1 1

Another chest is so close to the one above, so there's not a lot of running involved. Find the rock formation as shown and grab that chest if you want one extra Metal Ingot.

Treasure Chest guide Sakala Desert F1 2

Keep going until you reach the refreshing sight of the oasis. There's a chest hidden inside the bushes right next to the palm tree. Your flower fairies will appreciate the Strawberry Milk x10.

Treasure Chest guide Sakala Desert F1 3

Let's go to the next one. The bottom area of the map is where it stands, inside a bush behind that tribal hut. There are Summon Seeds x20 inside.

Treasure Chest guide Sakala Desert F1 4

Go in the direction of the Sakala Desert F2 teleporter and behind those rocks you'll find one more chest. This one holds inside six Purple Crystal Chests.

Treasure Chest guide Sakala Desert F1 5

We'll add more treasure chest locations as we find them. Bookmark this The Legend of Neverland Treasure Chest location guide so that you don't miss any free rewards scattered around Sophila and other regions.

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