Throne of Three Kingdoms Gift Codes List and How to Redeem

Throne of Three Kingdoms Gift Codes

These Throne of Three Kingdoms gift codes (play free on PC here) are going to give you a boost at the beginning of this new turn-based strategy RPG. You can assemble vast armies and lead them into battle, develop your kingdom, and conquer more territories. You can also interact with the beautiful women in your kingdom and forge long-lasting relationships with them. Grab the Throne of Three Kingdoms codes below and keep checking back for more.


Throne of Three Kingdoms Gift Codes List

The working Throne of Three Kingdoms gift codes will be listed right below as we find them from official sources, grab them while they are valid. We'll add new valid coupon codes as they are released.

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Throne of Three Kingdoms Gift Codes:

  • TOTK2023 – redeem code to get SR Lady Zhen*1, Ingot*200, Action Point*100, March Point*5, 1h Speed-up*5, [Skin]Lighting Thunder*1

Don't forget to type the codes exactly as they are shown, because they may be case-sensitive or capitalized. For most games this is a thing, so it's best not to try your luck. Redeem the codes as soon as they are posted here and bookmark this page for all the new and official redeem codes that you can handle. Developer Gacraze Entertainment is expected to release new codes every once in a while and we'll do our best to collect them all in this page.

How to Redeem Throne of Three Kingdoms Gift Codes

Redeeming these codes is extremely easy, since most games follow the same pattern with their code redeem system. But if you ever feel lost you can find the instructions below and clear all your doubts.

  • Launch Throne of Three Kingdoms and play the tutorial
  • Tap Welfare
  • Go to Redeem Center
  • Enter your valid Throne of Three Kingdoms gift codes and confirm
  • That's it, don't forget to claim your rewards from the in-game mail

That's how you redeem all the new Throne of Three Kingdoms codes. In some games you may need to access your in-game mailbox and claim your rewards, so always give it a shot in case they aren't automatically credited in your account.

How to Get More Throne of Three Kingdoms Codes?

The developers of this game will distribute new Throne of Three Kingdoms codes via their social media pages. You can look around the official community pages such as Facebook, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, or even Reddit when available in the hopes of getting a new code. Sometimes they release codes to celebrate a milestone such as an anniversary celebration – note that some games hold celebrations for first month, 100 days, and so on -, as a compensation for unexpected maintenance, or plain and simply as a reward for loyal players. We'll do our best to keep this page updated, as it will be your best resource for new codes.

Throne of Three Kingdoms Game Download and Description

Throne of Three Kingdoms is available to download and play for free from the Play Store for Android, and App Store for iOS.

Are you ready to seize the throne and etch your name in this chaotic realm? It's time to become a new legend!

Throne of Three Kingdoms is a turn-based strategic game. In Throne of Three Kingdoms, you can build mighty armies by leading legendary Three Kingdoms heroes and shape a new history with your strategic prowess. Are you ready to seize the throne and etch your name in this chaotic realm? It's time to become a new legend!

Conquer Massive Heroes

Start your epic journey with 1200 Draws for free! Unleash your strategic prowess and unlock bountiful rewards. Assemble an extraordinary team of champions, harness their unique powers, and embark on an epic quest of valor and triumph.

Conquer All Beauties

Put enemies' wife into your palace! Forge Intimate Partnerships on a captivating Three Kingdoms adventure where beauty and strategy collide. Discover mesmerizing consorts and cultivate intimate relationships. Together, conquer the realm and bask in the glory of love and victory.

Conquer Your Enemies

Control the power of weather, master the tactics of terrain. Seize strategic advantages and lead your forces to victory in this immersive battle in the revolutionary SLG Throne of Three Kingdoms.

Conquer The Capital

Take down the capital with your tactics in the 144,000 grids map! Command your ambition, lead your faithful allies to win the season and enjoy the time for being a real dominator. Let's shape the fate of your nation by your will!

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