Will Valorant be on console? | Is Riot’s shooter coming to PS4 or Xbox One?

Will Valorant be on console Phoenix

Now that Riot Games has revealed the official name and the first bits of Valorant gameplay, many players are wondering if this game is going to be a PC exclusive. This is a reasonable question, considering that League of Legends achieved its success on PC and is only just coming to consoles and mobile platforms with the League of Legends: Wild Rift spinoff. Will Valorant be on console, and if so, is Riot Games targeting the current generation with PS4, Xbox One, and Switch ports?

Will Valorant be on console? | Is It a PC Exclusive?

Will Valorant be on console

With Valorant, Riot Games is clearly trying to take on Overwatch and CS:GO. The twist is that it is promising a gameplay that isn't going to be affected by server issues, and the goal is to completely eliminate tricks that can be exploited such as the infamous peekers advantage. The PC is widely regarded as the best platform for competitive shooters, with no disregard whatsoever for the qualities of the consoles.

With such a lofty ambition and after going through every bit of Valorant news, there doesn't seem to be any official info pointing to a Valorant console release.

However, it is early days and while Riot may not be planning to release a Valorant Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch version, things may change in the near future. Valorant doesn't seem to be a graphically intensive shooter, being instead focused around gameplay and the depth that every good first-person shooter offers, so a console release wouldn't be a problem from a technical point of view.

The next generation consoles are coming soon, so we also shouldn't exclude a potential release of Valorant on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. It would be a great move for Riot to release its shooter as one of the first big games of the genre for the new consoles, potentially anticipating Blizzard or Valve's moves. While the Valorant release date is summer 2020 on PC, a 2021 release on consoles wouldn't seem unreasonable if Riot is already working on it behind the curtains.

So, is Valorant releasing on consoles? For now, all that we can do is wait for official info on a Valorant console release. We'll update this post when we have any developments on the subject.

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