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Nikke The Goddess of Victory Release Date and Info PUBLISHER: Shift Up | DEVELOPER: Shift Up
GENRE: Shooter | THEME: Anime, Sci-Fi, Adult
PLATFORM: Mobile | STATUS: Upcoming 2022 (Global)

Nikke The Goddess of Victory (니케, 승리의 여신) is the new game from Shift Up, the Korean studio that brought us the tantalizing Destiny Child. They are also working on the highly anticipated action adventure for consoles Project Eve. Both games were revealed in April 2019 to a very excited reception, and they couldn't be more different from one another.

The Nikke The Goddess of Victory game is a third-person shooter for mobile devices, sometimes compared to the likes of the Time Crisis and The House of the Dead franchises. Obviously, there is a clear tendency to target this game at players who love fan service, featuring beautiful girls with inappropriate battle clothing.

The brief Nikke The Goddess of Victory gameplay showed a game that seems to follow on the footsteps of Destiny Child. It features stunning artwork that comes to life via use of the Live2D technique that made the studio's previous game so successful. It is said to use the Live2D Cubism 3 version, as well as Spine animation tech.

The story of Nikke speaks about a distant future on Earth, where humans are living underground, pushed below by an alien invasion. To fight the invaders, they send in the Nikke squad, comprised of battle androids.

Nikke The Goddess of Victory is a shooter that supports four-player gameplay, but you can also play with the help of AI companions. Each character brings their unique weapons and looks into the battle.

These are the Nikke characters that were revealed during the announcement trailer:

  • Rapid Red Hood (Rifle)
  • Neon (Grenade Launcher)
  • Idda (Assault Rifle)
  • Vesti (Rocket Launcher)

Game modes included are the PvE campaign, PvP, raids, world bosses, additional cooperative missions, and several content that should help you improve the characters' abilities. You can play in portrait or landscape mode.

The Nikke The Goddess of Victory global release date is set for 2022. A Nikke The Goddess of Victory apk will surely be available during beta, something that should happen during 2022.

Nikke The Goddess of Victory gameplay trailer

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