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ReEvolve release date PUBLISHER: Perfect World | DEVELOPER: Perfect World
PLATFORM: Mobile | STATUS: Upcoming 2020 (Android and iOS)

ReEvolve is a free-to-play mobile sandbox MMORPG by Perfect World Entertainment. Players will be tasked with using futuristic space-time tunneling technology in order to travel to bygone eras and different planets to create a brighter future for humanity.

With a deep focus on interaction and a vastly detailed open world format, ReEvolve offers an immersive world where you will have to deal with reactive NPCs, different effects from the various ecosystems, a day and night cycle, drastic weather conditions, and animal behavior that tries to mimic the realistic actions of the species, including food chains and migration periods.

Your character is going to react differently to the various weather conditions, which affect your body in different ways. Crossing cold regions will feel very distinct from the times when you're going through scorching hot areas or toxic environments. With meters for hunger, temperature, and hydration, you should be on the lookout for reactions such as blood loss or slow character movement, among others.

Being a sandbox game, ReEvolve is all about exploring, gathering, crafting, researching, and evolving. There is a lot to do and with a huge degree of freedom, from building houses to planting crops, breeding animals, creating defenses against hostile civilizations and creatures, and more. You have a fully-fledged combat system where you have to defeat colossal creatures with the help of elemental weapons.

The ReEvolve download is going to allow you to participate both in an in-depth PvE mode and a PvP mode, where you can pit your skills against other players in team deathmatch and free for all.

The ReEvolve English launch is officially confirmed by Perfect World, with Android and iOS versions both in development. The ReEvolve release date is planned for 2020, same as other game from the studio, the action RPG Magic Legends.

ReEvolve Android gameplay trailer

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