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Dragon Raja Release Date and Info PUBLISHER: Com2Us | DEVELOPER: Com2Us
PLATFORM: PC, Mobile | STATUS: Final (November 10, 2022 Global)

Summoners War Chronicles is the name of the MMORPG from the popular series created by Com2Us. This game will follow on the colossal success of Summoners War:  Sky Arena, which was released worldwide in 2014 for a great reception and high profits. This was a fairly traditional turn-based strategy game with hero collector mechanics, but it managed to stand above most of the competition.

Com2Us is expanding the reach of the Summoners War franchise with at least two games. One of them is Summoners War: Lost Centuria, a mobile strategy game that was announced in early 2019. The other one is the Summoners War MMORPG, which was first revealed in 2017 via a couple of screenshots that are very different from the material released in January 2020.

The Summoners War Chronicle game doesn't have much info as of yet, but we do know that it is set 70 years before the events seen in Summoners War: Sky Arena. This makes it a prequel instead of a sequel, so it's unlikely that you'll get to meet the characters from the popular hero collector game. Who knows, maybe you can meet some distant relatives, but besides that the MMORPG should feature a brand new cast.

You can select up to three characters and summon three creatures per class to support you in real-time combat. Monsters and resources can be shared between characters, paving the way for some interesting strategic choices. You can also expect to take on massive world bosses with the help of other players, and PvP will surely feature as well.

The Summoners War Chronicle global release date is set for November 10, 2022. Judging by the success of the first game, a Summoners War Chronicles global launch was pretty much inevitable, so fans all over the world will be able to enjoy this game.

Summoners War Chronicle gameplay trailer

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