100,000 YouTube subscribers! Thank you!

You probably know how difficult it is to make it on YouTube, to get some recognition for your hard work in a sea of copycats and alleged let's players who do nothing but shout on the microphone. It's not a fair environment and luck plays as much an important part as talent – sometimes luck is even more vital to your success. For one channel that deserves its success, there are ten that deserved it way more. That being said, there are many channels that deserve all the luck they get.

We know we've had our fair share of luck, but it was strongly pushed by hard work, motivation and YOU, our viewers, who didn't fail to give a like, a comment (criticism or not) and even share some of our videos with your friends. The result is that today, the FreeMMOStation’s YouTube channel has proudly surpassed the 100.000 subscribers, something that seemed impossible just a couple of years ago. We can confidently say that every single subscriber was acquired through hard work and nothing else, and we'll continue doing it this way, come whatever may.

So, we would like to say our heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who are following us on YouTube, and an even more special thanks to those who have been around for a year or more. We try our best to reply to your comments on YouTube, as you're aware, and will continue to do so. And we'll continue covering the new free-to-play games, good or bad, so that you know what you should(n't) be playing!


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