3 Minute Heroes joins Steam Digital Tabletop Fest

3 Minute Heroes

‘3 Minute Heroes’ is a Steam game developed by Sinkhole Studio. The game is a real-time strategy game that combines Tower Defence, Deck building, and Rogue-Like genres.  Launched on December 3, 2020, 3 Minute Heroes is attracting the attention of users with its unique illustrations and strategic content.

The main goal of the game is to defend users' houses against the enemies for 3 minutes by strategically placing units on the field and utilizing cards. Players can develop their own playstyle by utilizing 20 different characters and over 400 different cards.

Each game consists of 12 rounds, and each round is 3 minutes. 6 different enemies including Slime, Goblin, Ghost, Golem, Demon and Dragon and 6 different bosses that may appear. When a user clears a round, they can upgrade their deck by selecting random rewards.

Users can also upgrade their strategy by utilizing 20 different item drops in each round and by utilizing rewards from 60 different item drops through completing quests.

Sinkhole Studio aims to simplify the game play of ‘3 Minute Heroes’ as much as possible to allow the users to enhance user experiences.

‘3 Minute Heroes’ will join for the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest starting October 21st at 10 am to October 25th at 10 am (PDT)! During the Fest period, Get a 33% discount on ‘3 Minute Heroes’ on steam.

You can get 3 Minute Heroes right now on Steam!

3 Minute Heroes Steam

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