9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena is a martial arts Battle Royale based on a classic MMORPG

9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena

9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena is a new martial arts Battle Royale inspired by the story of Nine Dragons Online. You may recall the classic 9 Dragons MMORPG, but this time it's all about cool fighting moves and the Gado island.

9Dragons: Kung Fu Arena was in beta for over six months and has recently entered Early Access on Steam as a free-to-play game. 50 mercenaries are trying to get their hands on the Dragon's Jade, the key to a place where the Nine Dragon's Legacy is hidden.

As soon as the battle starts, you have to search the island for weapons and skills, some of them allowing you to run like the wind or jump just like in the best martial arts movies. You take down your rivals and when someone has found the key, it's a rush to the newly-revealed temple as everyone chases the key owner and the island is slowly engulfed by lava.

As far as Battle Royale games go, this is a great looking and interesting take on the genre. Combat is fast and skillful, the island is huge – perhaps too big for less than 100 players, in fact -, but the player base is very low. Give it a shot if you like your Battle Royale with a hint of martial arts.

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