Absolute Force Online open beta update and trailer

Absolute Force Online, the free-to-play MMOFPS developed by NetDragon, begins open beta on December 19, 2012 at 5:00pm PST. Players will immerse themselves into this fast-paced shooting world. Featuring fully customizable characters, huge arsenal of weapons and stunning visual effects, this game offers seven different game modes for players to choose from.

In the open beta, a lot of new maps and weapons will be released for players to wage war. What's more, Christmas Day is around the corner, there will be special Christmas weapon, clothes and others precious items for the festival only!

Open Beta Guides:
* Characters created in the open beta won't be deleted, since it's actually a full release of AFO.
* No IP restrictions will be in effect during the open beta.
* When the open beta client is released, players can update their currently installed client (Patch size: 452 MB), or download the newer client directly.
* Closed beta players can login AFO directly when the open b?ta begins (Note: the characters created in the closed beta will be deleted). As for new players, they can create a new account at https://account.91.com/common/signup.aspx?flag=afo&url=http://afo.91.com. And you don't need to use a code to activate the account in open beta.

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