Ace Combat: Infinity is PS3-exclusive free-to-play game

Ace Combat: Infinity is the first free-to-play title in the popular Ace Combat franchise and will be a PS3 exclusive via PlayStation Network, coming later in 2013.

Here's the official description of Ace Combat: Infinity and the teaser trailer:

Freedom is at the heart of the experience in Ace Combat: Infinity as players dive into the game’s wealth of free-to-play content and fully absorb the endless blue skies with impunity. The game combines a precise near future world setting with elements that are important to fans from previous Ace Combat titles, including super weapons and hyper-real visuals. The Story Campaign Mode will immerse players in the game’s original scenario as they execute a series of perilous solo missions. In the game’s online multiplayer mode, skilled aces will form two teams of up to four players and compete to inflict the most damage on a common enemy.

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