Adult MMORPG Venus Rising opens up… a limited beta

FoxySoft (giggity!) has announced that its adult-themed MMORPG Venus Rising has just opened up a limited beta with only 500 spots available. If you want to try and join you have to sign up and request a beta key on the official forums. The tricky part is that you have to acknowledge that you're 18 or over or you won't play… Now we all know just how honest everyone is on the internet, right?

Venus Rising is an MMO set in the Roman island of Venusia and boasting sexual content, so that means you'll be performing some kind of feats that will make Kratos blush. However, you're still having all the usual features such as combat, questing and housing. The game is free-to-play but a subscription costing $10 will get you more features.

The official launch of Venus Rising is planned for late 2015.

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