Aeria Games going to Korea, can we expect western Bless Online news soon?

Bless online rebuild

In case you forgot that Bless Online is still coming to North America and Europe, Bless-Source has just reminded you of the fact with an update – a vague one and mostly speculating, but it's something. Aeria Games has shared the info that the studio is about to pay a visit to Bless Online's developer Neowiz in South Korea, and it's possible that we get to know a bit more about the progress of the game. Or in fact, the progress of the combat revamp and localization.

We're a bit torn about this decision to delay Bless Online in western territories. Sure, it's great to see a publisher taking its time to request some improvements to a combat system (which, in our opinion, isn't nearly as broken or bad as a few like to say), but when we look at South Korea and Russia (already playing) and Japan (closed beta begins April 28), we can't help but feel a little sad and forgotten by the world.

Yes, we know we're being a bit dramatic.

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