Age of Empires Online is going free-to-play… No, wait, really!

Gas Powered Games is putting the finishing touches on a new update for Age of Empires Online, scheduled for June 12. The best news is that this free-to-play game will soon be a… free-to-play game. No, wait, bear with us for a moment. Gas Powered Games is introducing a new economic model in the shape of Empire Points. Players can earn this currency while playing and use it to purchase in-game content such as the previously paid additional civilizations, boosters and gear.

Age of Empires Online now also includes the Alliance Wars, a level 40 end-game contest, where players will compete against other alliances and earn Empire Points.

So, is Age of Empires Online a truly free-to-play MMO as GPG claim? Well, obviously players may still reach for their wallets and use real money to purchase Empire Points. So, we’ll wait for your feedback on the rate that players earn Empire Points before making a judgment.

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