Age of Wulin combat and sects revealed

Gala Networks Europe just announced details of the sects available in Age of Wulin and their unique combat styles. As an action packed MMORPG, Age of Wulin’s gameplay will focus heavily on the accumulation and mastery of combinations of powerful martial arts skills. With a range of different sects, each with their own techniques and practices, the game will reflect the diversity of martial arts.

The player will have the choice of joining one of eight different sects, each one characterised by different histories and tactics. The names of the sects from which the player can choose from are as follows: Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Beggars’ Sect, Blissful Valley, Royal Guards, Tang Clan, and Scholar’s Academy. While each sect will lean towards either good, neutral, or evil, each of them will help nurture a unique fighting style, shaped by their identity and philosophy.

The “Good” sects are characterised by strong melee combat abilities, with a particular focus on weapons such as swords and daggers. These sects are composed of; the Shaolin, who are masters of close range combat, utilising the quarterstaff and hand to hand skills. The Wudang have a very well-rounded combat style, and are excellent twin swordsmen. The Emei have incredible endurance and healing abilities, in battle they are specialists with daggers and Emei piercers. Finally, the Beggars’ Sect takes advantage of damaging attacks with the use of their palms and quarterstaff.

The “Evil” sects are known for their ruthless techniques with bladed weapons. The feared Blissful Valley have a devious, stealthy, combat style who use scope attacks and traps, with their weapons of choice consisting of twin short swords and blades. Once a military institution, the Royal Guards sect are able to switch between high damaging attacks to defending, but come at the cost of long cool downs by using sinister weapons such as claws.

Finally, the neutral sects that are unaligned are vastly different from each other. The mysterious Tang Clan are known for their absorption and negative buff skills and famous for their use of daggers and hidden weapons. Of all the sects the Scholar’s Academy is unique for their free flowing dance-like fighting style, allowing them to take on multiple opponents at the same time. They concentrate on close combat with kicks and twin swords.

While each sect will have their own style of combat, all sects will be capable of Light-Body Skills, which allow the character to become seemingly light as air, allowing them to scale walls, leap through the air effortlessly and run on water. The skills can complement combat moves, as the two abilities can be combined to offer a greater range of tactics.

Success in combat will be defined by preparation, skill cultivation, and knowledge of the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Age of Wulin will be entering Closed Beta Test phase soon. All players who wish to join the CBT can pre-register at the official website

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