Age Of Wulin: discover Wuxia

Gala Networks Europe, decided to share some in-depth details about its upcoming Martial Arts MMORPG Age of Wulin where players will have a chance to dive into an astonishing world inspired by over 2000 years of Chinese legends, Wuxia culture and Kung-Fu lore. Age Of Wulin was developed over a period of more than four years.

Age of Wulin opens the door to the world of Wuxia fiction, a vital component that provides a background for players’ journey throughout the game. Featuring stories that consist of countless adventures about heroes who are bound by a code of chivalry, Age of Wulin will also include villains who will use their best skills to gain an advantage. This will reflect on the players’ decisions when choosing which of the eight schools they wish to master the skills of. Players are offered a wide range of skills to learn from, ranging from combat with staffs, swords, hand-to-hand and many more.

With a historically accurate background, Age of Wulin sets its story in the early years of the Ming Dynasty when China’s martial arts culture was at its peak and the martial arts world was in full bloom. The game is set around the machinations of the first Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, who in order to become invincible, secretly sends his Royal Guards to find The Nine Yin Scrolls.  These scrolls are the best martial arts manual within the rebellious and increasingly powerful Jianghu (‘rivers and lakes’) martial arts community inside the Wuxia universe.

Age of Wulin takes place in the realistic setting of Imperial China, with 27 regions representing all geographical areas of the country. Players will have a chance to roam freely through 130 km² of open world and visit real places like the capital city of Beijing, or the developer’s hometown of Suzhou. Equally exciting is the fact that players can set foot in landmarks such as the legendary Shaolin Monastery, walk along the Great Wall of China and be able to visit the beautiful Wudang mountains. With attention to even the smallest details, the game developers at Snail Game have studied and analysed old maps, plans and blueprints in order to reconstruct real places in-game with the greatest accuracy possible. This is just an example of what players will explore through Age of Wulin to ultimately become an inherent part of its existence, thanks to the game’s innovative ‘offline’ AI system, which allows the player’s character to carry on a day-to-day life in the game world when the player isn’t logged in.

Over 40,000 NPCs inhabit the detail-rich landscapes, cities and villages, but they do not just stand around – they live their own lives, have their own personalities and react to the players’ actions in surprising ways at times.

Age of Wulin will be entering Closed Beta Test phase soon. All players who wish to join the CBT can pre-register at the official website

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