Age of Wulin forums open for early guild recruitment

Prior to opening the current development version of its upcoming martial arts MMORPG Age of Wulin for closed and open testing rounds, Gala Networks Europe now encourages players to be amongst the first to form guilds. From today onwards, the Age of Wulin forums are now active and open for all groups and players to form and join guilds and set up their own private group message boards. The forums can be found at:

Guilds play an important role in Age of Wulin, with developer Snail Games making sure that guild leaders and members have access to a host of gameplay features that come with massive benefits. These include owning and developing a guild castle, guild-vs-guild warfare, the ability to set taxes and take on special jobs, the ability to support one of the in-game schools to receive extra perks and more. Guilds can get pretty huge in Age of Wulin, allowing up to 400 players to join a guild of the highest level (up to 200 members for level 1 guilds).

In Age of Wulin, guilds can own castles. There is a limited amount of castle buildings, scattered over the Jianghu. Guild castles can be torched and even captured, therefore they need to be guarded and defended. Guild leaders can hire guards that will patrol and defend their forts, or place traps. Within the walls of the guild castles, players can build several facilities that offer a variety of services to the guild and their members, such as libraries and training arenas. Contributing to the construction and improvement of these buildings will allow access to certain benefits.

In Age of Wulin’s guild wars, players will not only fight for their reputation, but also for money and land. By torching and burning buildings, destroying vital structures, and even kidnapping servants, players must cause as much damage to their enemies as possible, eventually fighting their way to the throne of a guild castle to take it over. Guild-vs-guild wars can turn out to become mass fights, allowing up to 1,300 players to take part in a mass PvP: Each guild can bring in all their members, and additionally invite up to 250 allies to support them.

Between conflicts, guilds can kill time by, for example, robbing each other, or alternatively, by earning money within the law by guarding traders along a certain route, or other more noble pursuits. Guilds can earn money through voluntary contributions as well as through tax systems, with guild leaders having the power to set tax rates to a certain level, with possibilities for all sorts of intrigue and subterfuge.

Age of Wulin will be available in English, French and German in 2013 from the portal, with the closed beta tests starting in early 2013.

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