Akaneiro isn’t free-to-play anymore, becomes B2P (updated)


It turns out that Akaneiro: Demon Hunters will launch as free-to-play after all. Confirmation came both from Kickstarter and the Steam Greenlight page, where Spicy Horse admits that after some debate, the game will be F2P at launch. Let's hope the studio won't change its mind tomorrow.

Original story:

Remember Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, the new game from American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse? You know, the one that seemed to mix Diablo gameplay with Okami visuals in a compelling way? It was attracting quite some attention and, best of all, was free-to-play.

Well, it seems the game got way too much attention.

Spicy Horse decided to change its plans and is going against the flow. Akaneiro isn’t going to launch as free-to-play, instead opting for a traditional business model. By this you should read buy to play, pretty much like The Secret World is nowadays. The game will have regular premium DLC packs and the studio is considering in-game purchases.

A FreeMMOStation.com team member spotted this firsthand during the closed beta, but no official announcement was made so far. Instead, word on this began to appear in the Akaneiro forums. The price should be very low, probably something even lower than Torchlight, according to the studio. However, there’s still no confirmation on what Akaneiro will cost you.

Do you think this is a good move for Akaneiro or will it make many players lose interest in it?

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