Alfheim Tales Online enters Open Beta on December 11th

Alfheim Tales Online, a 3D fantasy anime MMORPG bearing the four elements of Fire, Wind, Water and Earth, the duel class system and diverse pets is entering Open Beta on December 11th, at 10:00 am (GMT+8).

Those who wish to try this free-to-play anime MMORPG only have to keep an eye out for the official website. Here is the official description and one upcoming event titled Snowman:

Set in a fascinating wonderland of sprites with all the mythological tales serving as the background, the game created a beautiful animated world by using the latest full 3D visual rendering technology, in which players get to venture along with their powerful mounts in a stylish fashion– lovely costumes, dazzling equipment and weapons, hundreds of adorable pets of different races and sparkling fireworks!

Speaking of dozens of other intriguing features, the Pet System has always been at the center of spotlight. The creative “Pet Profile” provides a diverse evolution map for the pets that includes many different forms and species. Not only this, the sophisticated cultivating system will help you raise your own special pet that’s definitely one of a kind.

The team has also prepared a string of fun events for players to join and “Snowman” is one of the most interesting. Sharing the honor with the snowy attractions in game, the Snowman has brought the most flavor out of the holiday season and made Christmas the best time of year! During the event, each player in Carlyle will be given a cute little snowman and we sincerely hope these red-hatted snowmen will be your best friend throughout the holiday and bring happiness to you every day!

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