Angel’s Wrath: free anime MMORPG launches today

LeKool just announced that the colorful free-to-play MMORPG is now officially released, after a successful closed beta. Angel’s Wrath has cute cartoonish characters with vivid backgrounds and can be played in your browser. Players are able to choose one of four classes – Berserker, Archer, Dancer, Monkand develop their characters through spirit training, quest exploring, and skill learning.

Angel’s Wrath features cute pets, supports default full screen resolution and offers a compelling storyline and quest system make the game fast paced. The game also features an escort system which will remind splayers of the PlayStation or Xbox dance themed games. Angel’s Wrath features all the traditional mixes of MMORPG games like, skill system, guild system, PVP and PVE battles, Dungeon system, world boss and equipment and forging system as well as a lot of social features such as wedding system. Visit the official website for details.

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