Apex Legends’ interest fades as popular streamers and influencers quit the game

Apex Legends streamer fade

Anyone who was surprised by Apex Legends' instant classic status raise your hand. You too, eh? Well, it looks like Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale game was on the receiving end of a cleverly crafted marketing campaign that gave it an immediate boost – remember how Ninja was allegedly given $1 million dollars to stream the game?

But now, interest in Apex Legends seems to be waning fast. Judging by a Seeking Alpha report, Apex Legends is losing its players as well as its position as one of the most watched games on Stream. As popular streamers show their lack of interest in the game – Ninja included, but also Dr. Disrespect and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek -, the community is beginning to struggle. The lack of content updates – at least when compared to Fortnite – is another one of Apex Legends' problems.

While every game is expected to see a player base decrease after the first launch days, the graphics from Twitchmetrics and Google Trends show that Apex Legends' had huge drops. Unlike Fortnite Battle Royale, which saw a slight decline but nothing as drastic.

The report concludes by saying that Apex Legends was highly overvalued and that Electronic Arts stock may now go the other way, after the recent valuation based on the game's initial success.

So, is Apex Legends a fad or do you think that it will bounce back anytime soon?

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