ArcheAge almost in English, internal alpha ongoing

ArcheAge 4.0 trailer

Finally we get some news of one of the most anticipated and mysterious Eastern MMO games that are expected in the West anytime soon. While Blade and Soul and Phantasy Star Online 2 fans still have nothing to chew on, Trion decided to reveal a bit of the progress on ArcheAge, the sandbox game to MMORPG.

What we learned is that the Western localisation is going along fine, with most of the game already translated to English and 80% of the User Interface readable, while much of the quest text is translated, waiting for a second pass to refine it and make it sound true. Words of CEO Scott Hartsmann, who revealed that he spent 75% of his vacation time playing this version of ArcheAge. There is a Friends and Family Alpha at Trion, which means that the developers and some of their friends and family are playing the game to see which key aspects need to be up and running so that a proper, public alpha phase may begin.

Scott Hartsmann also mentioned the business model and while nothing serious was revealed, the recent changes to the Russian and Korean monetization models were mentioned as well as their similarities to the US version of Rift, which as we all know, includes a free-to-play option. So there's talk of the items that will be up for sale in the store, such as mounts, cosmetic stuff and so on, but no free to play or subscription model details so far.

Let's hope the news on ArcheAge keep coming and at a more regular rate.

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