ArcheAge is a big sandbox, over 2 million players

ArcheAge 4.0 trailer

ArcheAge's controversial launch is now becoming a thing of the past, with Trion Worlds adding servers (21 in total at the moment) and kicking some serious bot butt, as the studio revealed in the latest launch update. Other interesting fact is that ArcheAge now has over 2 million registered players, proof that the game is getting quite a lot of attention in North America and Europe.

The letter also discusses what's next for ArcheAge, including the holiday events. You can expect something special for Halloween, a fall harvest festival and a lot more to come.

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    There’s a buzz on the AA forums claiming xlgames have refused to instigate Trion’s anti-spam code forcing them to raise the level, at which players can use global chat, to 15.
    It does not say, however, whether this change affects players across the board or if it’s solely aimed at F2P accounts.

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    • Lex

      Yes, and its mostly working, Archeage is stable for now, the only problem atm is waiting for the new continent content.

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  • Gamer

    Pay to build house :/

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  • Mo

    Archeage had the worst game release in EU that i can remmember from many mmo’s played.It is a pure P2W game ,not a hint of F2P in it, total restriction on Labor(Activity Ingame) and Land right.
    They let bots and hackers dismantle servers stability and economy, as well as many accounts that just grab land and sell it back.
    I reccomend you to skip this title, do not waste time for in the long run you will be majorly dissapointed.
    On all current servers almost complete lands are taken by alternative accounts ,so Content Like – Farming and Housing, you can forget about.

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  • Zzz

    I hate Archeage from the deepest of my soul.Why?
    You would as well if what happened to me happened to you.
    Try looking for a land slot for 3 weeks, and on every free slot someone package hacks the land slot.And bots, so many bots, AH bots, Teleporting bots, Land bots..
    Gamebreaking unbalance, total failure in online gaming.

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