ArcheAge: Orchidna’s Hatred expansion brings two new races

gamigo makes Trion Worlds acquisition official

A few days ago we mentioned that ArcheAge Korea was about to get Orchidna’s Hatred, update 3.0 in July and the short teaser gave players a glimpse of what was to come, but it was overly mysterious. Now we know more about what's in the works and that includes two new races, the Warborn and the Dwarven.

The Warborn are expected to start the game in the Sunbite Wilds area, while the Dwarven race appear in Aubre Cradle. Each one have a specific ability that ties in with what we saw in the teaser – the Warborn transforms into a demon and the Dwarves can summon the mecha, both when they reach level 30.

As for the rest of the content of this update, there's a new world boss coming, a 10v10 PvP arena, flying machines, and more.

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