ArcheAge’s update 3.0 gets several new trailers

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XL Games has released quite a few trailers and teasers for the upcoming update 3.0 for ArcheAge which is going to drop in the Korean version in July, most likely. This is a huge update and the highlights include the two new races Warborn and Dwarven, each one with its own new starter zone, respectively Scorching Wilderness and Bronze Rocky Mountain. You can see these two regions in the trailers below.

Scorching Wilderness

Bronze Rocky Mountain

The character creation was improved and is now more Black Desert-ish, so to speak. The trailer right below shows the customization of the new races and we have to say that the Warborn females look stunning – there's even an Avatar lookalike at around 0:36.

Here are a few more ArcheAge trailers from the tentatively titled Orchidna’s Hatred, which should drop in the western version late this year, but that is just our guess. Check out some animations and skills for the new races below, as well as some new landscapes.

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